Saturday, September 16, 2006

83] A Sermon for my fellow Americans

A sermon for my fellow Americans
Azly Rahman
Aug 7, 06 7:17pm

As I write this my prayers for peace reads:

'O' Merciful Compassionate Lord of the Universe,

'Grant us the courage, knowledge, and wisdom to revolt against any government that does have any concern for the preservation of the sanctity of life in the entire scheme of obsession with war as a crime against Humanity. Grant us the courage to change any government that is corrupt, corrupting, and corruptible that cares only for the prosperity and serenity of their immediate families and the growth of dynasties.

'Grant the American people the strength, courage, wisdom to ignite and engineer another American Revolution so that the American Empire that produces the most corrupt military- industrial-complex can be dismantled and replaced with truly socialist government that will stop building bombs that blew up Baghdad and other nations in the Middle East, and start building a nation that feeds its growing urban and the world's poor.

'Grant Americans the courage to see how their nation is now a huge machine that no longer knows what Humanity means especially in the wake of the massacre of the Lebanese people and the displacement of a quarter million of innocent men, women, and children. Grant Americans help to put the greatest pressure on their government to stop the war between the Israelis and the Hizbollah, as efficient and decisive as how the American government dismantled the regime of its one-time ally Saddam Hussein.

'Grant Americans the ability to widen their eyes to see what America has done to nations such as Marcos' Philippines, Allende's Chile, Reza Pahlavi's Iran, and in Somalia, Vietnam, and many others throughout its history of manifest destiny and neo-colonialism - and now, how much aid is poured into Israel.

'O Lord the Merciful and the Most Compassionate,

'Grant all nations of the world the sight to see the complexity of the dominance of the American influence the world over - of the businesses, the culture and the ideological systems that feed humanity with more and more greed in the name of free enterprise. An influence of the Neon Gods and the Gods of Material Beings that fail to see the spirituality of living things that is to be preserved and Life to be guarded.'

Elite social clubs

But prayer alone is not enough. We must understand how this empire lives and breathe. The world depends not on the United Nations nor the current regime of George W Bush but on American people who love peace and are able to see the relationship between war, poverty, militarism, even in front of American eyes at their doorsteps.

The United Nations is like the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC), the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) and East Asia Economic Caucus (EAEC) - social clubs of the elites where people get together, play golf, read speeches to flatter each other and then agree to disagree while millions children either live on less then one American dollar per day or become refugees and sex slaves in a world of plenty.

President Dwight D Eisenhower coined the word 'military-industrial complex' to explain the nexus between corporations, government, and the production of arms by the defence contractors under the aegis of the US Defence Department (Pentagon). America has become such a force and is now a 'biological-powered complex hegemonic global policing institution' that feeds itsef like a machine rationalised by the doctrine of 'national security straightjacket'.

Americans, in the next general election, must bring on the Hillary Clintons, the Jesse Jacksons, the Barak Obamas, the Ralph Naders, the Lyndon La Rouches, the Socialists and any coalition of radical humanistic political parties that prioritise bread over bombs and shower nations with olive branches instead of daisy cutter bombs.

Americans themselves are getting tired of the current 'president that did not win, does not know much about world geography and peace, and does not have much intelligence in running the nation'. His strength lies in merely being aided by a stable of advisors who can nor longer think like peaceful human beings. Their minds have become as complex as a military-industrial complex itsef.

American college students are getting tired of the yearly increase in tuition fees that are not only putting them in more debt but for many of them also out of college; the bright youth of the American underclass who are losing the rat race. Americans are tired of paying for the war of the rich corporations that work in interlocking directorateship with the defence contractors and the producers of the latest weapons of mass destruction.

Americans are tired of having to work two to three jobs to make ends meet and to feed their insatiable urge to consume things that have no meaning in their lives - more TV channels, more cars, more telecommunication gadgets, and more and more of the less important things to live by.

Americans are beginning to see how weary their life has become as the economy continues to stress them by working longer hours and having less money to save thanks to the rising prices of goods, interest rates, and the shrinking of the dollar.

The Black, Hispanic, progressive white, Asian-American, and peace-loving religious-based caucuses in American politics must help sway the votes from 'red' to 'blue' and next to 'purple' and 'pink' to win an overwhelming majority so that the fundamental character of American politics can gradually change. The change the world needs to see is in a rubber stamp. Change in a Congress that has been heavily dominated, from time immemorial, by big businesses that keep the machinery of the military-industrial complex churning under a militaristic ideology par excellence; an ideology hidden from the eyes of the common American.

Americans must become the 'ugly American' willing to step out of the shackling, imaginary boundary of the Democrat-Republican and support parties aligned with radical and progressive peace movements ala this.

America, come home

America must come home for good from Iraq, and from all other nations that it is colonising in the guise of 'peace-keeping'; an oxymoron that really means 'war-mongering', a term used and abused since the days when General George Washington waged the Revolutionary war to bring peace and independence, replacing King George of Britain with the seed of tyranny of the new American majority that grew to become a the complex and hegemonising system of neo-colonialism.

The Cindy Sheehan phenomena continues to haunt American mothers who worry of the fate of their youngsters drawn from the poorest class and paid as happy, well-fed and leisure-minded video-game addicts. 'Soldiers of fortune' in a war that sees no end in sight, in a region hotter than Texas, California or Arizona in which the only permanent thing is continuing destruction.

But America is a paradox for there is an American ideal and there is an American ideology. There are the common American people and there is this uncommon secret government. There are this many notions of democracy and there is this one system of Republican-Democrat that draws inspiration from corporate greed and the building of weapons of mass destruction to be sold to other warring nations and to be used as part of the doctrine of the balance of terror.

America is a paradox. There is the serene, pastoral and agricultural America Thomas Jefferson hoped for and there is the loud, clanking, industrialising America Benjamin Franklin built out of his belief for the supremacy of big business interest.

It is the long process of the development of oligopoly capitalism that has lent itself well to the building of America as a huge transnational military-industrial complex on the one hand and the localising prison-industrial complex on the other; one that reportedly puts more than 80 percent of African American males behind bars. It is a continuation of the modern slave system America built out of its free-enterprise-cum-militarism ideology, an ideology it perpetually tries to spread the world over like the 1980s Coca Cola jingle 'I'd like to teach the world to sing ... in perfect harmony'.

Fellow peace-loving Americans, the world appeals to your consciences to turn our prayers into practical and peace-loving politics. The world is no longer safe for your brand of democracy. The word is sick and getting sicker - how much sicker can we get? Let us find its cure, together.

'O' Just Lord of the Universe and Lord of Humanity: Help us travel the path of Peace and Righteousness. Amen.'

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