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89] The Islamic Bomb

The Islamic bomb
Azly Rahman

"Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and love the Bomb"
-- Stanley Kubrick's movie title

There are currently about 31,000 nuclear warheads deployed or in reserve in the stockpiles of eight countries: China, France, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. Of these about 13,000 are deployed and 4,600 of these are on high alert, i.e. ready to be launched within minutes notice. The combined explosive yield of these weapons is approximately 5,000 megatons, which is about 200,000 times the explosive yield of the bomb used on Hiroshima.
-- Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

"The United States is working on designing new nuclear weapons, planning to build a new nuclear facility to create plutonium pits for nuclear weapons, threatening to use these weapons in more and more circumstances, and pursuing other techniques for establishing nuclear supremacy. The US has failed to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, and the Bush administration is looking to shorten the amount of time it would take to resume full-scale underground testing"
-- Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Should Muslim nations have their bombs too – like the Americans and the Russians and the nations of the WMD club?

It is a complex question in this troubled age in which the nature of "balance of power" (or "balance of terror) has always guide international relations. Are there any alternatives to "making bombs"? When Pakistan tested its first nuclear bomb, the nation was overjoyed. It was called the "Islamic bomb".

Then India began to develop hers.

Was it called "the Hindu/Buddhist/Jainist" bomb? I was not sure of that. The Christians have thousands of those bombs – especially the war-loving Protestant Christians, ruled by a Methodist family. What would Jesus say to America that has thousands of weapons of mass destruction? What would the Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) say about the destruction of Baghdad and Lebanon? What would Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) say about the death of the innocent in the Twin Towers or the carnage, mayhem, and massacre committed in the name of Islam?

But should Muslim nations have the "bomb"?

Malaysia's Mahathir Mohamad would say yes to Muslim nations developing such bombs. He believes in such a balance of terror. That is Machiavellian thinking in the mold of Bismarkian realpolitik. But is it merely a question of arming oneself for peace, or is it about politician getting a large piece out of arms deals? Consider how much any minister of defense get when arms and related military equipments are purchased?

Malaysia has so far purchased billions of American dollars worth of arms from the United States. A 1998 report by the Washington-based Center for Defense Information state that while the United States ranked number one in export of arms, Malaysia ranked number four as biggest importer after Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, and China.

But Islam is a religion of peace. Buddhism, the philosophy of life that advocates inner peace, non-violence, and a deep sense of spirituality came thousands of years before Islam. So does Jainism, an even radically peaceful philosophy of life.

Who benefits

In Islam, Sufism developed as a doctrine for those "who could not wait to meet God" and is another deeply spiritual way of practising Islam.

If the practice of Islam in this present day includes the rationale for nations to pursue "the bomb" and to race with advanced nations that have thousands of those bombs, then we must ask this question: are these Islamic nations preparing for peace by preparing for war? If this is the philosophy, we must then ask the question of cui bono? -- who benefits?

Is it the business of religion to advocate for profitable war? Or is it the business of war to subjugate religion, in the name of profits?

According to a recent report of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (2005), The United States currently possesses 10, 000 nuclear weapons. The reports states:

As of January 2006, the US stockpile contains almost 10,000 nuclear warheads. This includes 5,735 active or operational warheads: 5,235 strategic and 500 nonstrategic warheads. Approximately 4,225 additional warheads are held in the reserve or inactive stockpiles, some of which will be dismantled. Under plans announced by the Energy Department in June 2004 (and possibly revised in spring 2005), some 4,365 warheads are scheduled to be retired for dismantlement by 2012 (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientist, 2005).

The Empire called the United States does not want other nations to have even a single one – especially the Islamic nation. Like a child who has all the war toys and not wanting other to have a catapult. Like in the Biblical story of Goliath and David. In relation to the figures on the US nuclear weapons stockpile, currently the United States has over 730 military bases in over 50 countries to keep the world "safe for democracy".

America's nuclear weapons are developed by University California's Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore labs. This is an example of how moral reasoning works; as symbolized in Henrick Ibsen's play Enemy of the People.

While the United States keeps all the weapons of mass destruction at the expense of socio-economic, cultural, and educational advancement of its people, it wants to sell weapons to other nations – even to the poor ones such as India. Pentagon and its three major defense contractors for the Pentagon, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Raytheon make huge profits out of war, to the tune of US$30 billion per year.

That's called war-profiteering or to put it more accurately, merchandizing death and destruction through a foreign policy foundationed upon war-mongering.

Coming of the Messiah

But largely, Muslims in their own countries are impoverished and cannot afford for their government to embark upon projects to buy sophisticated weapons or to build the "bomb". The priority, as former German Chancellor Willy Brandt once wrote, should be to bread over bombs. Crises get orchestrated in order for markets for weapons to be created. Analyze who sells weapons in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa in those perpetual revolutions, armed struggles, and self-deterministic movements, and we will see the major supplier as one who sides with the two warring factions.

"Irangate" or "Contragate" or the Iran-Contra Affair during the Reagan Administration is an example of how global the arms business is, and how intersecting/interlocking politics and the merchandizing of death has become. Reagan, Oliver North, Brunei, Nicaragua, and Iran are amongst the names connected to the scandal.

Each religion has its own interpretation of how the "Messiah" would descend from heaven to "restore peace" on Earth. The Hindus believe in the coming of Rama as a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, the "preserver". The Buddhist believes that each one of us is a Buddha and a messiah that lives through dharma, by the law of Karma. The Muslims believe that the Prophet Isa (Jesus) is the messiah, and the Jews believe in the moschiah's restoration of the Kingdom of David and the discovery of the lost arc of covenant. The Shiahs or the followers of the Ali, Hussein and Hassan believe in the coming of the mahdi.

But why what would these messiahs and matrieyas and mahdis say when they see all these weapons of mass destruction proliferating?

Or – which religious bomb would they choose?

Do we all – Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. – wish to worship the bomb in these end of days, or do wish to worship the Truth within?


Anonymous said...

Do not hate your enemy for Allah has made and guides all people and factions of war.

Allah (or God) gave us the bomb to control our numbers and so we could prove willing burnt offerings on his altar. Allah set up the different religions so that we might worship him through war over which of his testaments is the most powerful. Just as in the past he gave different skin colors so we might identify on which side we were to fight.

Truly those who profess to know Allah as only a God of peace are mistaken. For Allah is all things and no thing he guides us to can be evil. Evil is only the unhappiness in not following Allah's plan. FOr most women it is to raise children and not war. For most men the path Allah ask is the joyous conduct of war in Allah's name.

Which testament is really true - Islam, Christian, Hebrew, Buddhist? It is best to believe that Allah can make each testament be true for those people who identify with it and fight for it -- and not true for those who fight against. In Allah all things are possible.


By Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabreil
Adara Afqar Gabril, main Bazar Nawababad Wah Cantt
Distt Rawalpindi Pakistan.
Islamic Bomb, and what is the Islamic Bomb? Is it the atomic bomb which is the symbol of misery and destruction? Miseries that no Milton and no Bunyan could have a heart to describe. In short is it the atomic bomb that certain powers in the world today possess and style themselves as Super Powers? No. Indeed not. The Islamic bomb is not a nuclear bomb. It is a bomb of logic and reason that annihilates the entire possibility of atomic war and saves the world from the miseries of atomic hell, both of this present world as well as of the next eternal world. It is a miracle that the Quran should treat the subject of atomism and atomic science, and warn against the atomic hell at a time when no one in this world could even dream of the things like atomic science and atomic bomb. The Quran enjoins its followers to keep their war-preparations in readiness against the enemies. But unfortunately the atomic bomb is not a weapon of war. It is the divine punishment. And there is no protection against the divine punishment, nor is there a way of escape. There is no protection against the atomic bomb or the atomic radiations. The scientist has called it, “The total annihilation of life on earth”. The Quran has named it HOTAMA, the atomic hell. No one remains to claim victory after the atomic war. The survivors would envy the fate of those who died. The Quran points out the malpractices as the cause which when reformed, would mean the disappearance of the effect that is the atomic hell automatically.
And what would you call the atomic-energy-for-peace? Energy. No it is not energy. It is curse. It only is the temptation, the bait to draw this mankind into the atomic hell . In case this mankind did succeed in delaying the atomic war for sufficient interval, then the atomic-energy-for-peace would take the toll and would destroy life on earth including the mankind in a painful, lingering, miserable manner due to the long-term and the short-term effects of atomic radiations inherent in the very nature of atomic energy. This also is not merely an alarmist view. There is no bigotry, no fanaticism in it at all. Yes, every Radiobiologist who happens to have the knowledge of his subject will attest the truth of this very sober, very matter-of-fact statement. Because there is no general, universal protection possible for mankind against the radiations whose genetic effects are irreparable, irreversible, cumulative, inheritable and multiplicative, and are capable of changing this mankind into cancer-ridden , imbecile, diseased, stinking chimeras before making them extinct. This equally applies to all species of animals and plants. One has only to look a little farther into the future to see the real picture which is inevitable. Surely the influence of the causes of the appearance of the atomic energy, and the gravity of the impelling doom has rendered the mankind, the scientist and the non-scientist so blind as to give themselves up to the universal and long-term experiment of atomic energy as guinea pigs inspite of the knowledge of the grievous hazards, and on the only hope of someday, somehow, stumbling at some discovery which might prove a remedy for the atomic ills and hazards in the course of the universal atomic experiment that of adopting the atomic-energy-for-peace universally. A discovery not at all in sight, anyway. If the recent incident in the atomic reactor in America and the unprotected state of a million people in the neighbourhood of the unruly reactor, and the panic of the American Government has not opened the eyes of mankind, and countries in the world still clamour for the atomic reactors for the atomic-energy-for-peace, then what other event will. But unfortunately the exceptionality of the case of the atomic energy is that once the mankind has adopted the atomic energy for even a short time, the die will be cast and no repentance will be of any avail. There is no protection against the atomic radiations.
What is the Islamic Bomb? What is the extent of its destruction? Is it inferior or superior to the existing Nuclear Bombs. The Islamic Bomb is not a Nuclear bomb. It is a warning of the Quran about HOTAMA, the Nuclear jehannah. (Quran 104-Al-Homaza). The Quran therein deals with the Modern Baconian atomism to its logical end that is the atomic hell. The Quran threatens the followers of the three basic evils, the characteristics of the modern Atomism with punishment in the flames of Hotama, the Atomic Hell, and thereafter describes the Nuclear fire giving such characteristics as distinguish the Atomic Phenomenon from the rest, e.g., chemical, electrical etc. in so masterly scientific a manner, and with such brevity and precision, that a poor mortal like Einstein would hear and marvel at the clear supremacy of the Divine. Just imagine the state of my mind, when in 1962 the discovery of the philosophic and scientific interpretation of the prophecy came upon me. To this day I have struggled alone. No one shared or could share the field with me. This world could escape the atomic hell, only, by removing the cause, that is the three evils which the Quran has pointed out. The warning of the Quran falls like lightening upon those who believe in resurrection and the next life, because the three evils to justify the punishment in atomic hell are the same as may be seen today in vogue, universally while HOTAMA is the eternal atomic hell of the next eternal world. This transient atomic hell of this transient world is only the replica there of. It is simply impossible for anyone to deny the miraculous aspect of this prophecy recorded fourteen centuries ago, nor is there any probability for any one to reject this argument as a proof of the Divine Origin of the Quran.
Whether the atomic powers will destroy this world and will thus destroy themselves along with the world in the nuclear suicide, and whether the Muslims will succeed in preparing their own atomic hell, or whether this actual Islamic-Atomic-bomb-neutralizer will save this world of Allah from the painful annihilation of life by the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations is known to one who is the Creator of this Creation himself. But one thing which could be said with certainty is, that if this world is destroyed by the atomic annihilation, the tragedy will happen quite deservedly. And what we can say to that except alas. But let us not be the victims of dismay and disappointment. And let us pray to Allah the Most Merciful Allah, He has the power to give this mankind sight to see the reality, and He has the power to endow the mind of this now maddened humanity with serenity and right judgment, so that they might be able to see and discern their error, and the error of the path they now track in an ill-applied zeal. What greater and surer sign of madness in this present-day mankind is necessary to be observed than that the atomic powers should be proud of the title Super Powers merely on the dint of their possessing the stock-piles of atomic bombs, the means of destruction even of their own, and that they should sincerely believe that they will forever be able to put a curb on the proliferation of the atomic energy to save this world from the atomic anarchy whose frightful storms are now brewing to throw this world in utter nuclear confusion. There are signs everywhere in very conspicuous colours, but alas, when men choose to play the blind, or when the influence of certain causes turns them blind, they fail to see even the clearest of signs. The recent incidents, in America, of the leaking of some of the atomic reactors, and the alarm and misery in the public was well as the Government circles at the situation might prove vain in the course of increasing confusion. The influence of the grievous doom is too impelling to allow a streak of the light of reality. The clouds of trouble on the horizon are too glaring to be missed by any one, but will anyone pay heed to them and set up a hue and cry, or if any one sets up a hue and cry at the sight of this rising fire, will any one care to make response.
Or will you say, as you have been saying, as if by habit till now, Islam not only allows the progress of science, but even these achievements of modern science are the actual aim, and the object of the teachings of the Quran. But, have you ever tried to think that this modern science is by nature an infinite process, on which is based this modern material progress which also is infinite by its nature. Both have to move infinitely with ever-increasing tempo, employing and manipulating gradually the greater, ever-greater part of man’s mind and time, expelling the reform gradually the thought of religion, and the thought of the next world, and the thought of God. It is not the mere fanciful thought, nor it is only a work of a delusive imagination. The fact could be confirmed by observation. Put to your scrutiny the gradual state of religion against the affair of the material progress during the past fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten, five, two, one year, nay six months, three months, three weeks, two weeks, two days, one day. Compare yesterday’s state with today’s and you will not miss the gradual deterioration in the state of religion and the increasing occupation of man’s mind by the affair of the world. It can be easily seen that ultimately the religion will be completely expelled from man’s mind and the thought, and occupation of this world will reign supreme as the sole affair, but Alas; only for one end, that is, atomic destruction.
Anyone who will understand this fact, it will be very strange if the same man will insist on his belief that Islam did allow such a kind of material progress, a progress that implied the destruction both of faith and lif. Islam does allow the two wheels and two wings, and a balanced life, but what you fail to observe is that in the case of this science-guided, machine-ridden, continuous, systematic, ever-increasing, infinite and eternal progress, that according to Baconian philosophy is the sole object of man’s life for material benefit and dominion over nature, the wheel of religion in general, whether it be Islam, or Christianity, or Hinduism, or Buddhism in every moment being maimed, cankered and twisted under the ever-increasing pressure of the other ever-strengthening and expanding wheel of the ungodly materialism. Islam, no doubt allows the material necessities but how Islam could be expected to allow a sort of progress that would in the long run strangle it and oust it from the field. No doubt there is a possibility of a Muslim’s being deluded in to the belief that the material progress is allowed by Islam, but his knowledge of the true reality of this modern, continuos, ever-increasing, infinite and eternal progress which is based on the idea of man’s dominion over a nature as man’s right and the sole object of his life for material benefits, would open his eyes to the actual reality to realize the nature of the antithesis that existed between the philosophy of Islam and that of this atomistic materialism of Bacon.
But what about the Christian, the Hindu and the Buddhists? It is not strange to see the followers of these religions declaring the complete compatibility existing between this modern progress as it is and their respective religions. When the blindness descends on the eye of the individual or the community, every thing is possible, just as it is possible for a Christian to see no disparity between the religion of Jesus Christ and the philosophy of Francis Bacon. Even a blind man could see if what Jesus has said is right, what Francis Bacon has said is false. And this modern progress is the fabricated religion of none else but Francis Bacon. And let it be remembered that as far as the attitude towards this world against the next world is concerned, Islam, inspite of its balanced life is not an inch behind the religion of Christ, only a realistic study of that Quran which revealed to the prophet of Islam, peace be upon him, and that Islam which was preached and practiced by him would prove revealing, and a glimpse of the life of the Prophet of Islam and his disciples will teach anyone the whole truth. But alas! the blindness.
The atomic hell now is the essential result of the modern science. It is the inevitable end. Let this mankind be a little more realistic about the situation. There is no way out. The verdict now is either science or religion. That is either the atomic destruction or safety and peace. The stage of compromise between science and religion is now past. The sooner this reality is recognized the better. Let the nations now subject their policies to a review. There are but two alternatives. Either to take the line of the atomic destruction and follow the path for universal suicide, or to go against this line and stand up to the atomic policy and oppose it and fight against it tooth and nail, and to go to such extreme as might be necessary. No sacrifice is too much to avoid the blazing atomic hell. No greater favour is there than a warning to the fellow humans against this great and fast approaching catastrophe. This then is the bomb which Islam has built. And this is what is to be named as the Islamic bomb. Islam is the religion of peace and blessing. Islam can not plunge either its followers or the rest of mankind and the creation of Allah into the burning atomic hell. If this is to be termed as the Islamic bomb, then it is a bomb that fall not on the creatures of God, nor it destroys them, but it rather has been built to fall on the sources of the atomic hell and to destroy them to save the poor creation of Allah, and fall it must and destroy it must, for if it falls not and it destroys not just now, this world of God is consumed without fail. There is no wisdom in following the line of the atomic hell blindly like slaves, but rather the wisdom is in trying to avoid the atomic jehannah, and endeavour at the same time to save the fellow humans from this painful and disgraceful doom. This indeed is the supreme wisdom. The supreme Lords of the atomic world today may be clearly seen to play the fool and to play the blind. This is no such thing to prize over. This is no matter of joy, but rather it is a matter for crying and weeping and being sorry. This truth of my word they shall soon realize. The blazing hell may now be seen leaping furiously towards them. The services of a psychiatrist may be recommended to the flushed minds of today, but unfortunately the Freudian Psychiatrist themselves seem to be the victims of the same blindness. The atomic formulas are guarded with utmost care and great pains are taken to keep them secret from the people. But here is anti-atomic formula, and here is a genuine neutralizer of the atomic bomb, given by the Quran in the form of a prophetic warning against the atomic hell and meant not for secrecy but universal publication. This modern progress as it is, according to its full definition, it stands in radical composition to the teachings of Jesus. The spirit of materialism since its rejection of Jesus in his life-time has asserted, exerted, struggled incessantly through ages to hold its sway over the world, till in the seventeenth century it succeeded in beguiling the Christian west into the lap of this material world, through the medium of the Baconian philosophy of Atomistic materialism, and after continuous advancement it has ultimately succeeded in bringing this mankind to the verge of the atomic destruction in the atomic hell. Complete destruction of men, animals, plants etc. that is all life on earth now in view. But none knew that this atomic hell consisting of atomic bombs and radiations was anticipated by Islam and forestalled by its own bomb, the Islamic bomb. This Islamic bomb, however, may be termed as the atomic bomb neutralizer, and the destroyer of the atomic bomb, as was to be expected from a religion of Merciful God.
This term, the Islamic bomb, has recently been uttered by the strangled spirit of atomic age in desperate cry. But this cry erroneous as it has been, has revealed gigantic fact. Moses had gone to fetch a brand of fire and he stumbled at the glory of Jehovah on mount Sinai. This cry has meant to express a bomb, a something of nuclear structure. But its echo has resounded as the formula of the neutralizer of the atomic bombs given by the Quran and discovered by me, indeed, by the Grace of Almighty Allah. Allow me to correct this their mistake. The Islamic bomb does not happen to be a bomb of any nuclear description. Nor it is there to kill or consume the creation of God. It is wonderful, however, this, the cry : THE ISLAMIC BOMB: They have by mistake stumbled onto a formidable fact, as formidable indeed that it could rightly be termed as a revelation. They descried a bomb of fire and there they have stumbled at the glory of jehovah. The event may be referred to as the antithesis of the accidental discovery of X-ray in the history of the atomic bomb. The X-ray, however, led to the course of the atomic bomb, while the discovery of the Islamic bomb leads this mankind out of the trap of the atomic bombs. And remember that the Islamic Bomb was there in the Quran since fourteen centuries, in the form of mysterious warning.
The atomic bomb has various descriptions and numerous applications, e.g. Atomic bomb, the Hydrogen bomb, hell bomb, the Super bomb, the thermonuclear bomb, etc. But the Islamic Atomic Neutralizer has only one name, that is the Islamic bomb. The Islamic bomb has preceded the atomic bomb, and so has Abraham preceded Democritus the father of atomism. And so also Moses preceded Bacon, and further Jesus preceded Spinoza. And in the same manner Mohammad preceded Einstein, Gospel of Jesus preceded the Novum Organum of Bacon, while the prophecy of Quran preceded the formula of the nuclear hell by fourteen centuries. The scriptures of God all stand united in condemning the philosophy of atomistic materialism, but the Quran it is that treats this modern philosophy with particularity and emerges as the champion and the spokesman of the Scriptures which now view this age in amazement, mute with grief. The Quran takes the challenge of this formidable foe, this greatest beguiler of all the history of beguiling. The Quran discovers it, describe it, exposes it, and advances to pose itself like a mountain against the mountain. Yet the cunning monster, the simulating giant of atomism will flee before the onslaught of the world of Allah, and will perish. This world will then have real peace, real prosperity and the right destination in view to reach.
This earth today appears like a pyre and the mankind both in the West and in the East, may be seen busily engaged in carrying the loads of atomic-fuel on their heads in their endeavour to pile the pyre up high. Every one of them seems to be vieing with each other in the pursuit, in coming and going to fetch fuel. It is strange spectacle to behold. How busily they are all engaged. The pyre is their own. The heart of this pyre is known as the nucleus of the pyre. Strange enough, for if any one of them hears the news of a Hindu woman having been forced to burn on the pyre of her dead husband, they sneer at the event as most uncivilized, yet themselves are engaged in the preparation of their own pyre with their own hands. Not only this, but also they may be seen to look askance with indignation and displeasure at everyone else who tries to cast his load of fuel in the nuclear part of the pyre, for every one of them considers as his own exclusive prerogative to dump his load in the part of the pyre which is called as the nuclear part. And yet there is great knowledge in this age. But alas, this modern knowledge of Baconian School is the curse. It is much short sighted. Every one in the world today moves flushed with the inebriating airs of more wealth, more physical comforts, more financial security, and considering this science-guided, machine-ridden culture as endless and eternal. Everyone thinks that this world will go on continually progressing for ever. Nay even those knowledgeable persons who know the dwindling situation of energy resources of the world, and those who know the resultant plight of this world after a world atomic war think in the same way with the ignorant, that this modern progress was to continue for ever. Is this knowledge? This is blind confidence in the powers of science , and an implicit belief in its miraculous powers. And what is science? Why not the science now can carry this mankind out of the difficulty of energy without stooping to the ruinous atomic energy? Why this mankind desptie its sciences obliged to sift the poisonous uranium, and why it is obliged to subject itself to the venomous darts of atomic radiations that can damn this life to the future generations, and all this inspite of the established knowledge of all the hazards of the atomic energy? False are all the hopes of the scientists in some future discovery as remedy of the atomic ills. Let them face the facts with reality and let them cease to play the ostrich in the atomic desert. On what fact of nuclear science do they base their hopes in future. Nay but the impelling influence of the grievous doom it is that has blinded the scientist as well as the non-scientist in the world. There is no alternative now left desptie all the science that either this world will be consumed by the atomic bombs or it will decay under the effects of atomic radiations to perish with misery. Or do you say my view only is an alarmist view, merely a poetic outburst of emotion? I say to hell with your science. And if I say to hell with your science, will you call it the alarmist view? Which of the two is correct in this respect? You or I? Do you not see the atomic hell ablaze in the world before your very eyes? Do you see it or not? Can you deny it? Then say with justice whether you are ostriching, and beguiling this world into the atomic hell in the hope getting energy, or whether my views are the alarmist ones? If someone tells you that your house in on fire, will you tell him, go thy way you fool, your is the alarmist view, or will you rush towards your house and try to put the fire out. You tell the world that the genetic effects of atomic radiations move insidiously through generations and then in some generation change the men into chimeras that have the head of a donkey, the tail of a cobra, the paws of a wolf, etc. and that men are then cancer-ridden. And you also tell the world that there is nothing of the cure or control over radiation in sight. And then you recommend the adoption of the atomic poison and continue your hearty cooperation. I say, this material world itself is temporal and transient but particularly this modern science ridden culture is more transient, since it is quite unnatural. In one day all these lofty buildings of the world may be found in heaps in the event of atomic war, or this world may be seen in ruins after a spell of atomic-energy-for-peace. And yet I give you the margin. Bring forth the discovery that ensures protection against the atomic radiations affecting the millions residing in the neighbourhood of the atomic reactors, and produce some sure cure for radiation sickness, succeed or in devising a leak and explosion proof reactor and let the world see something of that miraculous achievement, and then do come with the declaration that the atomic energy can be allowed to be adopted by the world. You might not succeed in the discovery. You have known the minute, complex and out of man’s power features of nuclear phenomenon. Let now this world pause to think and cease to join the universal suicide club. And remember that the danger of atomic annihilation could only be averted if the causes of the malady would be removed. And what are those causes? These are the habit of slander, engrossment in wealth accumulation and desire for ever living in the world. These are the causes that have resulted in the appearance of and in the necessity of atomic energy. Otherwise, your efforts in more production as the remedy of the ills will bring you more confusion, more distress, more problems. The efforts made in the line of more production and more progress are now to be diverted to the channel counter to the adoption of atomic energy. Little margin is left, this warning may still be deemed as a timely one. Or else be prepared and fortify yourself against the atomic hell already ablaze and rolling towards you, and they only who are blinded by the influence of their grievous doom can now miss it. And remember, this science-guided progress is unnatural, and will end in disaster. In a matter of moments all the toil of centuries will disappears as by magic.
Mistaken is the tongue that calls the atomic bomb, or the hell-bomb by the name of Islamic bomb or the Christian bomb, or the Hindu bomb or the Buddhist bomb. None of these sacred names have to do any thing with this curse of nature, this retribution of the nemesis and this wrath of Allah. The atomic bomb or the hell bomb is the Baconian bomb, the fruit of the philosophy of atomism. It is the logical consequence of the Baconian design of atomistic philosophy, and it is the scientific result of the research of modern science employed according to Bacon’s design for man’s dominion over nature for physical comforts and material benefits as the object of man’s life on earth. This has been an anti-Christian philosophy, and it has borne an anti-Christian fruit. Christ is its deadliest foe and what Moses or Mohammad peace be upon them have to do with it. Nor there is any possibility of Krishna or Buddha’s compromise with it. They would all curse it and try to drive their followers away from it. The atomic bomb or the hell-bomb is the result of the research of the modern science which itself is destitute of right eye the symbolical eye of spiritualism. It can see or feel no spirits, it can find no proof of resurrection, and it therefore denies all these entities and insists as a rule on the substantial proof for a belief in these. Its left eye though : the symbolical eye of that which is of material nature, is exceptionally strong. Bacon’s philosophy of atomism which is the philosophy of this modern age of material progress is also devoid of the right eye and is based mainly on the left eye that is the eye of the material world. The modern progress which according to Bacon’s design is the programme of Baconian philosophy, is equally devoid of the right eye and is dependent on the left eye that is the eye of the material world only. What then, if this be the case, Christ has to do with it? What Moses or Mohammad peace be upon them have to do with it? And what Krishna or Buddha have to do with it?
And what is the atomic bomb? A weapon of defence? No. It is not. Now ask any scientist that has some knowledge of nuclear science. Ask Einstein and he will tell you that it is complete annihilation of life on earth. Ask a man of faith and knowledge and he will tell you that it is the wrath of Allah enkindled. But the Baconian creed of atomistic materialism has completely blinded and completely maddened its followers. From one end of this world to the other end today can be seen the followers of this Baconian creed running, rushing, hurrying, scurrying, panting, perspiring after wealth and hence after the mother of wealth, that is the atomic energy like ever-hungering flocks of locusts. In their hasty! and unbalanced pursuit of wealth and physical comforts during the past years they have most greedily gormandized all the existing resources of energy, and now caught in a hysterical fit for energy they are crying and they are dying for any kind of energy, but the atomic energy being the only alternative left they are forced to swallow poison despite their knowledge of its pernicious effects.
What better proof of misfortune besought than that this mankind should fail to realize in economic despair the impossibility of protection against the atomic explosion, and the uncontrolability of atomic radiations, and incurability of radiation sickness, cancer and gene mutations. Whereas the Scientist in un-scientific optimism should fail to comprehend the falsity of his hope to stumble one day upon some discovery which would solve all these problems, despite having the knowledge of unsurmountable insurgency of the deadly atomic radiations, and the futility of seeking shelter against the atomic bomb explosion, and improbability of the survival of life on earth in case of the atomic war. And surely it is not the man that can subdue the atomic giant, it is the atomic giant that can consume the mankind. Nuclear bomb is not a weapon. Nuclear war is not a war. Nuclear energy is not energy. The whole issue is the retributive wrath of God enkindled. It is the punishment. And to what could you attribute the fact that a Super Power in possession of thousands of atomic bombs should try to impose restriction on certain other nations in this respect in the name of world peace. But who could save those who deserved this divine punishment. If the atomic war does not intervene, and the mankind is allowed to continue, the Super-Power will see with great chagrin the entire world going nuclear in order to bear the nuclear punishment in atomic-energy-for-peace to the logical end that is the radiation doom. The extreme necessity of power for the world-wide industrial set up has rendered the humanity so reckless as to face the devastating hazards of the atomic radiations. Poor dwarf in the clutches of the fiery octopus. It is hard to think how the millions in the neighbourhood of reactors will be provided with protection when the reactors will explode and inundate the neighbouring districts with a flood of poisonous radiations and play havoc with health and life. Ask Russians. Ask Americans. To recommend and allow the use of atomic energy on the hope that someday some discovery will be made to solve the problems of protection from the radiations, is something far worse than the fanaticism of the witch doctor. Just see the irony of times.
Now cease to cry over the spilling of the atomic milk, for the five thousands sieves of the enrichment plant will not be able to hold the atomic milk and it will be split in the form of atomic radiations to damn its drinkers. It is not in the power of any one country or all the countries of this world united to place a check on the adoption of the atomic energy, but rather it is the causes of the appearance of the atomic energy, namely, the slander, greed of wealth and desire of for-ever living in this world, the causes which the Quran has given for the punishment in the fire of the hell of HOTAMA, the causes which also are responsible for the appearance and persistence of the atomic energy in this world, that have to be eradicated to remove the danger.
Now set up no more hue and cry over the sight of a brand of atomic fire moving to and fro in the darkness of the night, for the atomic energy is the play of the devils, and the mischievous spirits will be engaged all the while in spreading this fire to every nook and corner of this earth, and will not rest till this earth is changed into a huge blazing kiln of atomic hell to consume this mankind and along with it the animals and the plants, and to leave this earth no more habitable. Alas ! but no advice could be more honest, or more timely than to say “ be sober and serene, look into the problem keenly and try to be a little more realistic. Weigh the pros and the cons of the matter well, and then only give your decision. No country will profit by atomic energy".
The reader might by now have become curious to know the formula of that bomb which Islam has made. The atomic world tries to strictly guard the atomic secrets, whereas the Quran insists on its formula to be published to all the mankind. It is as follows:-

Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for, verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps up onto the hearts. It is ( a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns”.
(Quran civ- Al-Homaza)
Now mark how the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell are given to mean that the removal of these causes only could guarantee the escape from the atomic doom. And also, if you are a nuclear scientist or a Radiobiologist, try to find for yourself, how much of the nuclear science has been included in these few words. Mark your examination and then read in the following pages my research which will show you that these few indeed very few words of the scripture contained all the basic characteristics of the atomic phenomenon, such characteristics as are the distinguishing characteristics and the distinctive characteristics, that its characteristics which distinguish the nuclear science from chemical science, and make it distinct. Herein has been portrayed the atomic bomb explosion and the plays of the inner nuclear world. And mark the term Hotama. It is identically the fire of Otama or Atoma. See the phonetic and functional identity between the Quran’s Hotama and scientist’s otama.

Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel
Adara Afqar-e-Gabriel
Main Bazar Nawababad wah cantt
Distt Rawalpindi

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