Sunday, August 30, 2009

2010 international dispute over a love song?

As in the case of Pulau Batu Putih and Spratley Islands, the international community will have to settle this dispute in 2010.

Who owns Rasa Sayang eh?

The Indian claim:

The Chinese claim:

The Indonesian/Maluku claim:

The Indonesian claim again, (this is serious):

The 'Truly' Malaysian claim:

The Malay claim:

Three-nation claim:

The American claim: the decisive one.


David said...

... don't forget Mamula Moon / Negara Ku too!


Yes David. My posting on this will come.

jules said... good Doctor.

you made me cracked up....hahahahha...

maybe they should have a sing off.

that will be quite a spectacle.....


bluesyworms said...

LOl!! This is good...

djambu puadovich said...

daripada indonesia2 ni kecoh pasal lagu, baik fikir bagaimana nak kawal kelaku pendatang2 haram tu. dah a dtg malaysia secara haram, merompak pula lagi...

Suci Dalam Debu said...

Good Dr,

This got to be the best posting I have come across in a long long time.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I ask you a simple question, the malays where got culture? all their culture they tiru from everyone else and claim to be theirs, now typically even the want to out arab the arabs by being more islamic by inventing new slogans of ISLAM HADHARI, Ini semua sndiwara melayu, like lalang they will adopt and copy than claim it is their hak assasi. Apa lagi mahu cakap, before it was the wayang kulit, dikir barat, dondang sayang, hang tuah and all the jebat, lekir,lekiu, kasturi etc which was always di junjung as the epitome of malay culture where has all that isappeared, now it is turbans and wahabism and quoting arabic quotes to make themselves look important and intelligant. it goes to the roots of the malay culture, in reality the so called MALAY CULTURE IS A MYTH, it is the stealing of ideas of different cultures and rebranding as your own, i wouldn't be surprised this will not be accepted, or even be put up by your good self, but than its been typical, when you lose an argument threaten with amok or wave a kris (which btw originated from india -LOL) EVEN THE malay language is a hop-scotch of additions from different languages, since when have the malays been original?

Anonymous said...

DPM Najib that he wanted to help Malays who are minority in other countries. Najib will not use his wealth to help, but the resources of Malaysia to help Malays in other countries so that Malays in Malaysia will treat him like god's brother and vote for him in elections. See:

///Gov't offers to help minority Malays in other countries
Dec 24, 08 1:01pm

Deputy Prime Minister Najib said that the government was ready to help in the advancement of Malays in other countries where they are a minority. ///--Malaysiakini

If Malaysia wishes to earn a good name to be altruistic, the country might invest in helping others who are in need. But helping Malays in countries just because they are the minority race is an act of racism. Only racist would endear themselves to people of the same Malay race, if there is such an ethnic group in view of the definition of Malays in the constitution, across national boundary, and through utilising national resources. That is corruption of the highest order using public funds to gain personal popularity.

Indonesia accused Malaysia for illegally claiming bahasa Indonesia as Bahasa Melayu. What would happen if some Indonesians follow the way of NEWMalays in Malaysia to claim themselves Malays so as to be eligible for windfall gains from Najib? Would not the Indonesian government consider Malaysia buying loyalty of Indonesians? The confrontation by Indonesia in 1963 was initiated by Indonesia. Future confrontation when it happens can be traced to Najib's ambition to buy popularity among Malays utilising national resources of Malaysia.

Jack Limbo said...

Apa ada pada Melayu?
They're the boastful lots.
They talk big. But all are empty.
They think they're great.
If they win something.... they'll tell all the world ....LIHATLAH DUNIA .....WE'RE THE CHAMPIONS... MALAYSIA BOLEH ...and what not.....
If they lose ... they'll cry FOUL!
Failures make them give thousands of excuses ...BUT of course NOT THEIR's due to OTHERS FAULTS.


One good and clear example ... their language...the so-called bahasa Melayu ...they brag too much on their much so ...when that bahasa Melayu being used and spoken by the Chinese of the mainland China... we Malaysians (as shown on tv "bahasa Melayu di China")especially the Malays are so damn proud that their bahasa is so great and so popular that even the most number of populations of the world also keen in bahasa usage (spoken and study of bahasa Melayu)in China.

Infact and in actual fact ... bahasa Melayu is without its own identity at all (sorry to say ... no heart-feeling - as this is reality - in the real sense of the words).

See that the alphabets used in bahasa Melayu - it's the romanise A,B,C etc etc.... which are borrowed from Latin/Greek origin...nothing shows that belongs to the Malays? This was started only after the coming of the English to colonise Malaya/Straits Settlement during the 18th Century. Only to be developed later than that could be in the late 19th century. Because prior to that bahasa Melayu was using 'huruf jawi' (alif, ba, ta .... etc etc) in their written scripts. That too were not of the origin of the Malays ... all borrowed from the Arabs (eversince the coming of Islamic influence into South-East Asian regions). So where's the origin of the Malay language?

Look at other neighbours like Thailand, Burma (now Myanmar), Cambodia, India, Sri Langka, Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, Mongolia and many others all have their own identity in their own language as far as their written scripts are concerned.

They have their own writings to show. But the Malays ? what to show? ... only their borrowed-alphabet romanise bahasa Melayu writing (now full of borrowed foreign/English words mixed together in their spoken and written bahasa Melayu - which popularly known as 'bahasa rojak').
Even in jawi writings also is not origin of the Malays? So where is the identity and their originality?
Sad to say ... there's no answer to that.

For those mentioned neighbouring Asian countries, they don't borrow from others. Their written language (scripts) denotes or reflects their own individual race identity.

But what about the Malays? The Malays cannot show their identity in their origin of their language.

Okay, what's it like before the coming of Arabic (Islamic)influence back then? Any idea as to what sort of alphabets or written scripts the Malays were using when 'huruf jawi' and 'Latin alphabets' not been in picture as yet? Again, there's no answer to that.

So, why must they keep on bragging and boasting and yet be so damn proud of their borrowed items?

They should realise that history teaches all ... and people knows ... only those who doesn't learn about the past (history) are damn ignorant ... and they never seems to recognise their own identity....and will never.

Something to ponder.

Crankster said...

I thought this post was hysterical! I just loved it! I'm especially amused by the way you concluded by asking "What's love got to do with it" since being a love song (rasa sayang) there's more dispute than love being passed around.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha hehehe hihihihihi

Tunggu chan menibai je hidup si Southerner kokak ni.

Tak sedar2 hidupnya 'outstanding totok who always find ways & means to do things completely guarantee reverse world class way one to certainly survive'.

Tak kenal lagi dah dia ni Sejarah Bangsa AGong nya.. Orang Southerner ler kata kan.. Pasal tu dia tak da bearing.

Sesungguhnya: Yang GAH temadunnya tu di negeri asalnya adalah budaya/seni Orang2 Northerner; bukan jenis dia yang datang menjalar ramai2 kat sini menempek mengkais makan diabad dulu.

Yang sah ke sini jelas jenis kelas kelasi baldi kerak basi. Eksyennya cucu2 dia bila dah dapat chan hidup senang sikit.

Haha hihi heheh!

Chan mali chah ek eh
Chan mali chan lai lai

Mari gua ajar lu sikit lagi..

Moh belajar dari Sejarah Sepanyol -- yang Sukatan Sekolah Kebangsaan tak nak ajarkan pada anak2 Melayu.

Cerita Spain: Fatherland yang ditentang Zorro -- anak bangsawan Creole (yakni anak bangsawan kelahiran bumi Amarika pada mak bapak Penjajah Sepanyol yang mendatang satu/dua generasi sebelumnya).

Zorro hidup sezaman Napoleon, sezaman Nelson, sezaman Raffles, sezaman Munshi, sezaman bapak Dato Naning.

Sapanya asal usul Orang Spaniard - Bangsa ganas yang menjajah bangsa2 1Dunia?

Mereka nilah asalnya bergelar Visigoths/Goths & Vandals - yakni keturunan German tribes - yang menakloki Orang Basque penduduk asli Semenanjung Iberia balik bukit Pergunungan Pyrenees; seberangnya Perancis.

(Cari le sendiri kat mana letaknya dalam peta dunia)

Bahasa mereka asalnya tentunya Gothic yang banyak mewarnai bahasa Latin

- yakni bererti mereka juga lah sebenarnya bangsa yang telah tibai & menguasai Itali/Rom kuno

- yang kemudiannya disadur lagi menjadi bahasa Sepanyol yang diketahui umum diexpot ke bumi Aztec/Inca/Maya & digunapakai bagi membuat drama2 telenovella yang mengiorkan para penonton TV3.

Mereka lah yang memulakan Inquest SEBELUM mana2 saksi tu mati dipacak/dipasak

- Inquest bagi mempersoalkan akidah sebenar penganut yang mengaku katolik pada lidah sedang asalnya dia beragama yahudi/islam yang dah pilih murtad.

Anonymous said...


Saksi2 murtad yang mengaku katolik ini tentunya le kaya raya, sebab tu mereka tak mau tinggalkan harta benda mereka berhijrah ke negara Islam seberang Laut Mediterranean

- harta tu le yang sebenarnya objektif utama mereka yang dah sedia ditauliah Paus atas dasar Perkongsian 10%

- harta yang seterusnya dirampas/dimilik negarakan pada kala mangsanya dah tak lagi memerlukan segala apa2 jua yang fana atau tak.

Bermodalkan hasil rampokkan bertimbun inilah Queen Isabella raja Castile & sepupu/suaminya King Ferdinand raja Aragon (2 wilayah katolik dalam Sepanyol ini) membeli senjata kelengkapan perang & membayar tentera upahan bagi memerangi Andalusia & Granada aka Wilayah Cordoba milik Islam kaya raya berbangsa Morocco/Tunisia

- yakni Bangsa Carthage/Moors yang sejak sebelum Ceasar lagi dah sememang mendiami bumi Selatan Sepanyol itu

- yang puak Visigoth ni lebih cenderung perangi/takluki dari berniaga secara adil setara bertukaran hasil dagang.

[Tu le Doktrin Globalisasi Imperialis yang jadi paksi ikutan sejak zaman datok nenek moyang golongannya yang hingga kini memerentah di benua Eropa & Amarika - yang masih anak cucu cicit piut orang kita masih susah paham2]

Morocco/Tunisia & Cordoba/Andalusia ibarat macam Sumatra & Semenanjung Tanah Melayu le - sebangsa budaya & resamnya.

Mereka juga Pelaut/Pelayar yang amat digeruni oleh Merchant Navy Eropa lebih2 lagi oleh lanun2nya - malah mereka femes dichap Pirates of The Pirates.

Bermodalkan Perbendaharaan Andalucia lah kapal2 Armada Spain ditempah

– bagi menaklok bumi Latin Amarika; hinggakan anak2 mudanya semuanya tiada lah dah ada lagi yang minat mengasah bakat menukang/menjahit/memasak/menguli.

Maka tiadalah Tukang Besi, Tukang Kayu, Tukang Batu, Tukang Simin, Tukang Tenun, Tukang Kebun berbangsa Anak Mas! Semua boleh main beli

– dengan Emas yang didatangkan dari bumi Aztec/Inca/Maya.

Realitinya: Semua Anak Gembala/Petani Kampong pun sanggup tinggalkan bangsal/kebun bapaknya mengejar impian menjadi Perwira Kaya No 1!

Google le Cerita Anak Penternak Babi bangsat Francisco Pizzaro dari Estremadura yang jadi Master of Peru. Bayangkan pulak berapa ratus ribu lagi seangkatannya yang matinya terbongkang disumpit.. & semudahnya Hancor ekonominya sejurus kapal armadanya tenggelam dihempas ombak ke batu. Allah jua Maha Berkuasa menghancurkan..

Anonymous said...


Di Mesia kita ni susah nak cakap. Tak cakap salah. Cakap kang salah jugak.

Apa punya lanun yang pi serah 30% Bernas tu kat cina?

& apa punya pandai si Tabong Haji pi serah saham kompeni pembikin mangkok jamban Goh Ban Huat yang ada tanah strategik sebesar ada dalam kotaraya semata nak kan balik pelaburan hanya sejumlah RM15 juta?

Sebaliknya kan ke baik dia je ambik alih kompeni mangkok jamban tu? & Kembangkan sayap telan sekali pembuat jubin Kuda Putih/Geosera buat membangunkan Perusahaan Kontraktor Bumi?

Hai.. Teringat balik nasib pelaburan milik semua Melayu dalam MMC dll yang x perlu le disebut2 lagi...

Apa nak kata... Bubur tak kan jadi kerak...

Itu lah dia nasib harta2 Melayu yang dapat dipegang hanya sekejab.

Tak sempat longgok. Tak payah tunggu Ferdinand & Isabella buat Inquest.

Kita sememang tak da Zorro.

Sapa pandai melagukan?

Anonymous said...

Go back and study who really starts culture la woi.

Sylvester Stallone & Co. would like to claim their share on "Pembalasan Rambu" starring Barry Prima. As with the other in Indo's Hollywood-film rip-offs.

Brit Pop and Indie genre would also like to claim their share in the "indo pop" genre.

And Malaysian Chinese, jangan mengada mau claim whatever they got in China still have anything to do with you.

Your ancestors have long blah from that country. So please, tolong-sedar-diri-sikit.

Tak malu, orang lain punya negara punya cultural achievement, you want to "tumpang glamer".

What's the difference you got with Malaysian Malay, really?

Anonymous said...

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