Saturday, April 23, 2011

"Sin City, Jay Bee"

"Sin City, Jay Bee"
by Azly Rahman

Where have all those memories gone
Of the city that never sleeps
Sin-filled you are
... Offering life's panorama
A pandora box of a lushness of emotions

Jay Bee
You may be called a city of filth
Of gang wars and transvestite a galore
Of rock kapak geniuses conceived immaculately
From the womb of Papa Rock
Ahhh New Johor ... New York you may want to be
Thou shall never attain that notoriety

Sweet city sin city
Celebrating the velocity of money
It is there I knew love's inner beauty
As we walked up and down the Lido Beach
     whose middle name is "filthy"
Ohh Jay Bee ... you are a soul that is one with me

Jay Bee
Sin city
where politics stink
where corruption gets a nice daily wink
where the power elites are the underground kings
where the poor are hoodwinked
where the children of the working class roam the streets in motorcycles with bilng bing
where the smell of ganja filled the air like a pissed-on fermented drink
Ahh Jay Bee
City of Sins

Your hunchback of Tanjung Puteri is dead and gone
Committed sepuku at the sight of what has become
   Of you sin city Jay Bee
Si Bongkok died of a death he long-willed for
As the sight of the crooked bridge broke his heart that exploded with a roar
Ahhh... thanks to the Johor Corridor
And the Disney of Nusajaya Johoreans adore
Sin city
Jay Bee
Your economy, like a Segget River , stinks till eternity

Love is gone
Of the one my heart held on
As I walked countless miles
Along the Lido beach
Time has not been kind
To this city that never sleeps
To this sin city
   That weeps
   The yesteryears of the loss of pride that run deep
Love is gone
The deal is sealed
Sin city you are now sold
To the forked tongued nationalists grown old like ageing Disneys

Sin city
Jay Bee
You were once mine
You will no longer be


Anonymous said...

Dr Azly,

I was born in JB. Comparatively, I like it in JB then other places in Malaysia. I do not intend to live any where else.

I lived in England once, although I had spent quite some time KL, I never missed KL but I do missed JB.

I think what you have described in your poems comes from your imagination, not reality.

Sure, JB is not the cleanest place, there are mismanagement by the government but compared to the rest of the country.........I would rather stay here.

Perhaps you had too much booze when you said that there is gang wars here in JB and ganja filled the air,..... what gang wars?? There is no Vito Corleons Family in JB.

With the mild weather here in JB and close to the ocean on the left and right of the city, I am enjoying myself here while you will be freezing your butts off in January in America.

Jay Bee

Anonymous said...

laa,Dr Azly singaporean???do i need to say more???

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

good job, doc... now u become famous!

plz do it again, ok?

Allison said...

Dear Dr. Azly,

I read you poems with great interest and here's just my 2 cents worth of opinions. I'm born, grew up and has been living in JB all my life and despite currently living in another state, I still goes back during the holidays every now and then. While I agree that JB is not one of the safest, cleanest or has the most righteous politics in the world, it definitely is not all that you had depicted it to be.

High crime rates, corruptions, vice activities, mat rempits (if that's what you are trying to say about children being on 'bling' motorcycles) and an unclean city is nothing uncommon here in Malaysia. It happens everywhere in our country and I'm sure it happens anywhere in this world too. Jb is not the only city plague by these problems and to do justice, they do not even top the list of all these problems in our country. Perhaps you have not live long enough in other parts of Malaysia to personally experience what other states are like too.

Jb certainly still has plenty of room for improvement and we are not proud of the problems that roam and plague our city but we do have our good and beautiful side too. Besides JB is constantly developing and improving, so do not judge a city just by it's negative news or yesteryears perception just as you do not want to judge a book by it's cover. :)

Anonymous said...

Dr Azly, U r spot on. This city has lalang all over the place as contractor bribed local council to get paid but not bother doing the job.

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

Dakwaan penulis blog jenayah tinggi di Johor tak berasas


JOHOR BAHRU: Bukan saja tidak tepat, malah dakwaan oleh penulis blog, Dr Azly Rahman, bahawa Johor Bahru sebagai sebuah bandar raya tidak selamat dengan catatan kadar jenayah yang tinggi adalah tidak berasas sama sekali.

Ketua Polis negeri, Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff, berkata penulis blog terbabit hanya membuat pendapatnya sendiri tanpa sebarang fakta kukuh, sedangkan penduduk bandar raya ini hidup dalam suasana aman.

Katanya, tindakan penulis blog terbabit dianggap seperti menjatuhkan hukuman terhadap kehidupan di bandar raya ini sesuka hati serta mengikut perasaan sendiri, sedangkan hakikat sebenar tidak seperti digambarkan menerusi penulisan itu.
“Pendapatnya itu tidak boleh diterima kerana polis sentiasa bekerja keras memastikan Johor Bahru sebagai sebuah bandar raya selamat dan sekali gus menjadikan penduduk tidak berasa seperti hidup dalam ketakutan.

“Justeru, saya merasakan tindakannya menulis dalam sebuah sajak itu tidak tepat mengenai Johor Bahru dan sepatutnya tidak bercakap mengenai sesuatu tanpa mempunyai fakta tepat, berasas dan kukuh,” katanya di sini, semalam.

Beliau berkata demikian selepas mengadakan lawatan ke atas pegawai dan anggota polis yang mendapatkan rawatan di Hospital Sultanah Aminah (HSA) sempena Hari Peringatan Polis ke-204 di sini, semalam.

Hadir sama, Ketua Polis Daerah Johor Bahru Selatan, Asisten Komisioner Zainuddin Yaacob, Ketua Polis Daerah Nusajaya, Superintendan Aziz Ahmad dan Timbalan Pengarah HSA, Dr Izam Sulaiman.
Mohd Mokhtar mengulas demikian selepas sebuah akhbar berbahasa Inggeris kelmarin, melaporkan mengenai karya sajak penulis blog terbabit bertajuk ‘Sin City Jay Bee’ yang kemudian mendapat reaksi Ahli Parlimen Johor Bahru, Datuk Shahrir Samad.

Shahrir dalam laporan berkenaan, menyelar tindakan penulis blog terbabit yang dilahirkan di Singapura dan dibesarkan di Kampung Melayu Majidee, di sini, sebelum menyambung pengajiannya di New York, Amerika Syarikat serta kini menetap di New Jersey itu untuk pulang ke tanah air dan melihat sendiri perkembangan semasa di bandaraya ini.

Mokhtar berkata, dakwaan penulis blog itu tidak tepat berikutan pihaknya sering melakukan sekatan jalan raya dan operasi berterusan dalam memastikan bandaraya ini bebas daripada kegiatan jenayah.

“Hasil daripada operasi dan sekatan jalan raya berterusan ini, kita dapat menangkap orang yang dikehendaki, mengesan kenderaan curi, malah lebih membanggakan adalah kadar jenayah ragut di negeri ini menurun secara mendadak,” katanya.

Sementara itu, penulis sajak berkenaan, Dr Azly Rahman ketika dihubungi menerusi laman sosial Facebook, berkata beliau menghormati setiap pendapat yang disuarakan orang ramai mengenai sajaknya dan menghargai pengalaman membesar di Johor Bahru.

“I respect anyone’s opinion on my poem and I respect my experience growing up in Johor Bahru too,” katanya menerusi mesej laman Dr Azly, selepas menerima pesanan daripada Berita Harian di sini, semalam.

ibnu marzuki al firdaus said...

Police chief raps blogger for lies on JB

By Jassmine Shadiqe

JOHOR BARU: Utter rubbish!
This is what Johor police chief Datuk Mokhtar Shariff said of United States-based blogger Dr Azly Rahman's poem entitled Sin City, Jay Bee -- A Tribute to Johor Baru.

He advised the blogger "to engage his brains before he shoots his mouth", meaning that Azly should check his facts before he writes.

Mokhtar said the poem was misleading, packed with lies and it was tarnishing the state's image.

He said the claim that there were gang wars here and the air smelled of ganja only proved Azly did not know what he was talking about.

"There are more than 80,000 people entering the state via Singapore on a daily basis. Iskandar Malaysia has attracted more that RM70 billion in foreign direct investment and Johor police have reduced the crime index way beyond the Key Performance Index requirements," Mokhtar said yesterday.

He said the increase in foreign direct investment and reduction in crime rate showed that Johor was safe and flourishing.

Azly, a Singaporean, who now lives in New Jersey, claimed in his blog ( that he was brought up in Kampung Melayu Majidee here.

His poem, which also appeared on several other websites, including the blog of DAP's Lim Kit Siang, portrays Johor Baru as a place where drug lords and kingpins ruled.

Azly called the state capital "a city of filth, corruption and economically drained".

His poem had attracted stinging comments on his blog. One reads: "I think what you have described in your poem comes from your imagination, not reality... perhaps you had too much booze when you said that there were gang wars here in JB and ganja filled the air... what gang wars? There is no Corleone family in JB".

Azly's reply on Facebook was: "If I experienced it as a 'sin city', that is my experience."

Anyone can have his own experience and write a poem on the environment he grew up in, he added.

Read more: Police chief raps blogger for lies on JB

Anonymous said...

Hey Bro, keep smoking your weed over there. It sure is mighty fine stuff.


Anonymous said...

Oh I forget, across the pond, weed is not illegal and the in thing is them exotic pill. Keep downing them bro. You the man.



Sorry folks, I know JB more than you think. True blue Johorean I am.


and sorry to disappoint you ... no weed, no drinks, no smoke, no jokes ... just meditations :)

aisyah ecot said...

i feel that even though we might all live under the same roof. do the same stuff. but at the end of the day, when we recall things back...we had individual experiences, we had individual memories.

most want to claim they have the best of everything. i dont know many who wants to air their dirty laundry.

Anonymous said...

Yes. JB indeed is a sin city. I own a house in Johor Jaya. I rented it to a factory and they let their female workers stay there. But 3 months later, they said they wanted to stop renting and wanted to move out. The reason is that these female workers got robbed and/or raped. I had to reduce the rental charges to keep the tenant. They agreed to stay but will only allow the male workers to stay there. They said the police only take note of the reports of such incidents but take no action! That is why the bad guys keep doing such terrible crimes in the same area.

Anonymous said...

i do appreciate on whatever he said about JB! i don't hate him at all. i still love JB. all the good and bad things about JB. At least he's not afraid to speak out the truth from his own perspective. and congratulations for the effort to dig in those details about JB. yeah..maybe u have seen a lot...u knew better...well...i also knew better too...on my own perspective...but thank you for telling it out loud. it's better than those hypocrite...who live in the closet....mumbling on shitty things about their city, and country... yet afraid to speak out loud.

Anonymous said...

Welcome: Azly Rahman :)
ctrl + alt + del

Antares said...

Q: What's the difference between a poet (scholar), a politician (businessman), and a policeman (gangster/goon)?

A: Only the poet has a sense of humor and knows that art is usually more real than "reality." Both the politician and policeman have a nice swamp in Florida they hope to sell you; while the poet prefers to stand on the corner handing out free samples of truth :-)

'Sin'ar said...

Jay Bee is a a filthy city, with piss-poor cleanliness and too many failed (and thus, abandoned) developments. The city centre is also inactive at night, mostly due to the fact that walking the streets at that time will get you robbed/raped/ravaged/ravished/rimmed/removed/etc (or at least, it feels like that).

Also, whoever said 'mild' weather will need to get their temperature checked. The daytime temperature is above 43 degrees celsius, with 90+% relative humidity levels. This is clearly one of the most inhabitable cities in the country. And the people are rude and couldn't care less about others. Selfish, rotten and corrupt.

When the Johor tourism authorities said that the poem would not affect tourism, that's because Johor tourism is mostly in places outside of Johor Bahru. Like the Mersing Islands, or Kukup, or Endau-Rompin, or Desaru, or Muar, or Batu Pahat. Have you seen many tourists in JB? Singaporean weekenders head for their second homes. Others use JB as a transit point to other places.

You want an example of a good city? Try Kuching or Kota Kinabalu. At least the people there aren't assholes.

Anonymous said...

Aha...JB! For the ones who had such high praises for JBhe/she, must be well...either being ignorant or living in a cave or may have a different agenda altogether which we all may not know isn't it?

Or, maybe these individuals are either do not have the correct vision or simply refused to see the facts and reality on what's really happening around where crimes are indeed rampant to an unbelievable critical level!

For you, yes, you cowards out there, who refused to acknowledge the facts and provide constructive suggestions on how to address such problematic issues rather than hurling your abuses to the one who dares to bring such issues to light (and mind you, have every single right to voice such concerns and issues, and even more so if it is just based on his personal observations and points of views just like me and the rest of us who responded positively on the poem), I would strongly suggest you to just get your heavy butts off your comfort zone and onto the streets in JB and just by casually asking around with "real people" living in JB to find out how many out there who have not have their share of experience with either home broken-in, thefts, car windows smashed and valuable looted, car stolen, snatch thief, robbed, etc where the culprits were almost never caught. And I believed, that are just the superficial surface level.

The above humble suggestion of mine will not be a task too difficult for you to do isn't it? And then come back and update us your interesting findings yeah!

On a related note, I am flabbergasted to read the comment of one particular MP of ours who commented that the crime rates level in JB is low as compared with New York.

With the sheer size and population of New York alone, even if it is only 1%, the crime numbers will of course, defintiely dwaft the number of cases in JB.

If such commonsense on simple mathematical logic could not be computed, I really wonder what kind of progress could be expected!

x said...

for that particular MP, does he know how to do research and actually made a comparison? jokes.. anyway, i think that your task is a good idea.. it reminded me of the time i did my documentary and actually walking around and talking to random people i met in the streets of JB. i had few interesting findings including a blind street musician couple that i have seen around JB since i was in primary school. both musician met in UK and fell in love, and got married. been traveling around and done so much and ended up playing music in the streets. AND the interview was in english. he held in pretty well. overwhelmed............

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