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MRSM schools a successful failure?



"was MARA's MRSM set-up unconstitutional? "

A well-respected, and nationally-reknowned lawyer and columnist good friend of mine Art Harun had recently provided this piece of information (via a threaded discussion) on the setting up of MARA Junior Science Colleges:

1) " ... Actually Doc, the MRSM is unconstitutional If it is a government initiative. Why? Because under article 153, the government, through the King, can only give preference to the Malays and the natives from Sabah & Sarawak, in areas concerning education AFTER MCE/SPM. I subscribe to affirmative actions being a necessary evil in order to elevate the economics status of the poor and rearrange the society into a more balanced economical sphere. But it must be done properly and fairly. .."

2) " ... Doc, just fyi:

(8A) Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution, where in any University, College and other educational institution providing education after Malaysian Certificate of Education or its equivalent, the number of places offered by the authority responsible for the management of the University, College or such educational institution to candidates for any course of study is less than the number of candidates qualified for such places, it shall be lawful for the Yang di-Pertuan Agong by virtue of this Article to give such directions to the authority as may be required to ensure the reservation of such proportion of such places for Malays and natives of any of the States of Sabah and Sarawak as the Yang di-Pertuan Agong may deem reasonable, and the authority shall duly comply with the directions. ... "

3) " ... Putting it simply Doc - where any learning institutions providing education ABOVE MCE level, has less places offered than the number of qualified students, The King may reserve places for Malays/natives of Sabah & Swak in reasonable proportion. "

4) Article 153 in detail

Special position of bumiputras: In relation to the special position of bumiputras, Article 153 requires the King, acting on Cabinet advice, to exercise his functions under the Constitution and federal law:

(a) generally, in such manner as may be necessary to safeguard the special position of the Bumiputras[23] and

(b) specifically, to reserve quotas for Bumiputras in the following areas:

positions in the federal civil service.
scholarships, exhibitions, and educational, training or special facilities.
permits or licenses for any trade or business which is regulated by federal law (and the law itself may provide for such quotas).
places in institutions of post secondary school learning such as universities, colleges and polytechnics.

Legitimate interests of other communities: Article 153 protects the legitimate interests of other communities in the following ways:

civil servants must be treated impartially regardless of race – Clause 5 of Article 153 specifically reaffirms Article 136 of the Constitution which states: All persons of whatever race in the same grade in the service of the Federation shall, subject to the terms and conditions of their employment, be treated impartially.
Parliament may not restrict any business or trade solely for Bumiputras.
the exercise of the powers under Article 153 cannot deprive any person of any public office already held by him.
the exercise of the powers under Article 153 cannot deprive any person of any scholarship, exhibition or other educational or training privileges or special facilities already enjoyed by him.
while laws may reserve quotas for licences and permits for Bumiputras, they may not deprive any person of any right, privilege, permit or licence already enjoyed or held by him or authorise a refusal to renew such person's license or permit.

... .

MRSM schools a successful failure?
by Azly Rahman 
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As hypermodernising societies such as Malaysia progresses in syncrony with the advancement of capitalism, and as race and religion becomes the foundation for decision-making in education, especially in elitist well-funded schools, Malaysia is faced with another dilemma of education and national development.

Is this country creating sophisticated ethnocentrists that will continue to sustain race-based ideologies?

NONEMaktab Rendah Sains Mara (Mara Junior Science College) schools, well-funded, well-staffed with advanced degree faculties, and well-taken care of by the Malay-centric government may be one example of a phenomena of a successful failure in the system's 40-year evolution.

The school system prides itself in innovative curricular experimentation drawn from best practice of schools, particularly those of the United States; as its original template was based upon.

What educationists will see in the list of innovations are merely aspects of the formal curriculum; upon further analysis lies the hidden and informal curriculum as perceived from curricular theory; hidden is the deeply racial socialisation aspect.

The overall picture lies in the impact of politics and education in the socialisaton of MRSM students. they parrot the teachers, the teachers parrot the politicians, politicians kowtow to money and power - that's an example of successful failure.

We are all economic beings, homo economicus undoubtedly but it is education and only education that is the best means to re-engineer, restructure, re-level, and redesign society.

It is the only means to sustain individual and social progress, as philosophers Dewey and Freire would argue.

Valueless ideologies

While the advanced nations are prioritising multiculturalism, honoring cosmopolitanism, and globalising education, Malaysians, through their endless fights over education are making many steps backwards. MRSM has produced a breed of sophisticated professionals to sustain ethnocentric valueless ideologies out of touch with current cultural realities.

Consider, in a similar vein, how much is spent and attention paid to on yet another high-priced elitist project such as the Pintar Permata at the expense of other schools in dire needs of even basic amenities such as those in Sabah and Sarawak or in many poor states - is that equity and equality for all races? Or is it a showcase based on ignorance of the meaning of equality and education?

With all due respect to the administrators, teachers, parents, and students, I must say about the MRSM school system.

With its insistence on being a Malay-centric, MRSM these days are not preparing children to survive in a multicultural, cosmopolitan, and ever-changing world that requires English as an important skill, and an outlook that is more open to learning about other cultures especially in the context of a rapidly changing Malaysia.

Those specialisations in each MRSM school are merely cliches filled with educational terminologies that are not fully understood but fully acceptable as a platform to appease the needs of the current regime.

Regimentation is necessary it seems to tune the mind of the monolithic mono-cultural students to accept governmental dictates making them in turn, one-dimensional beings.

Are any of those MRSMs suitable for Malaysian children? Or are they merely training and indoctrinating grounds to prop up yet another breed of leaders that will sustain the culture of blind following neo-feudalism of Ketuanan Melayu that itself is a dying specie?

Do parents know what goes on in the culture of the MRSM boarding schools and what goes on in the minds of your children?

In this context, we must look at the difference between education, schooling, indoctrination, mind-control, and liberation in thinking. I would say that the MRSM system is a successful failure.

Retrogressive ideologies

In MRSM, that predominantly Malay-elite secondary institution for the best and brightest young Malays, Malay-centric indoctrination work have been happening since the 1980s. Courses such as Kursus Kesedaran (Self Awareness Courses) are conducted to instill the questionable idea of Ketuanan Melayu, making the children afraid of "Malaysian bogeymen and bogeywomen" and their own shadows.

Open-mindedness is rarely encouraged and students take control over each others' lives transplanting retrogressive ideologies into each other's head, with the help of ultra-nationalist and anti-multiculturalist teachers.

Even if these children survive the ideological ordeal and experience 'tough love' and go on to get their degrees from top American and British universities, they will still be Malays with a shallow understanding of multiculturalism or become more sophisticated Malays with more complex arguments on Ketuanan Melayu.

They will then design policies to affect the needed sustenance of ideology in order to protect the interests of the few. Neo-feudalistic cybernetic Malays are then the new creations of the political-economic ruling class. They run the country and many are now running it down.

As an educator wishing to see Malays progress alongside in peace and prosperity with other races, I call upon us all to put a stop to all forms of indoctrination held especially by the BTN (Biro Tata Negara); an organisation that is of no value to the advancement of the Malays they claim to want to liberate.

It should be taken over by progressive Malaysians and replaced with a systematic effort to promote not only racial understanding through teaching respect and deep reflection on the cultures of the peoples of Malaysia, but also teach conflict resolution and mediation through cross-cultural perspectives. All must question the presence of BTN on campuses. All must reject BTN's programme for indoctrination.

Let us no longer allow any government body of that sort to set foot on our campuses or our schools. As Malaysians we have to demand an end to the further dissemination of racist ideologies.

Open up, not only institutions such as UiTM (Universiti Teknologi Mara) and MRSM but also Umno to more students of the major cultures. We will then have a great celebration of diversity and respect for human dignity in the decades to come.

We need to turn succesful failures such as MRSM into truly successful Malaysian educational ventures; an organic system able to prepare young Malaysian citizens for a diverse, multicultural, and rapidly challenging world - minus the cliches of educational innovation and blind nationalism that will be anti-national in character.

DR AZLY RAHMAN, born in Singapore and grew up in Johor Baru, holds a Columbia University (New York City) doctorate in International Education Development and Masters degrees in four areas: Education, International Affairs, Peace Studies and Communication. He has taught more than 40 courses in six different departments and has written more than 350 analyses on Malaysia. His teaching experience in Malaysia and the United States spans over a wide range of subjects, from elementary to graduate education. He has edited and authored four books; Multiethnic Malaysia: Past, Present, Future (2009), Thesis on Cyberjaya: Hegemony and Utopianism in a Southeast Asian State (2012), The Allah Controversy and Other Essays on Malaysian Hypermodernity (2013), and the latest Dark Spring: Ideological Roots of Malaysia's GE-13 (2013). He currently resides in the United States.

THIS ESSAY APPEARS in MY THIRD BOOK on The Allah Controversy , available here and in major Malaysian bookstores : http://gbgerakbudaya.com/2013/05/the-allah-controversy-and-other-essays-on-malaysian-hypermodernity/ 


Making Mara's MRSM smarter

I read with interest the news story of the progressiveness of Majlis Amanah Rakyat’s (Mara) Maktab Rendah Sains Mara (MRSM) system to offer the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) to a select elite of the elites of this elitist franchised school, as a dual-international high school graduation certificate.

I think this is not just forward-looking but will help show Malaysians that a high school system exclusively for the bumiputras can teach all the subjects, including Mathematics and Science, in the English language. As we know the purpose of the creation of MRSM schools is to grow and groom future bumiputra professionals that will not only help the nation develop but to maintain the status quo of the ruling party and to advance the agenda of the Malays.

Mara was created to promote this ideology of exclusivity and to ensure that through the past four decades of schooling, Malays, especially those from poor families, will be given the best opportunities in education for social mobility. The Najib Abdul Razak administration had recently announced a RM1 billion education fund allocation exclusively for bumiputra for MRSM’s umbrella organisation, Mara.

But is this ideology of one-dimensionality and one-race schooling philosophy relevant in this day, when the world has already revolved into the galaxy of cosmopolitanism rather than be shackled in communalistic thinking?

Can education, that “gentle profession for the advancement of the human race”, be used as a tool for the advancement (still) of one particular race (ill-conceived) in an age in which poverty now cuts across racial and religious lines and limited resources in education need to be shared for the good of all?

Do we not realise who has become more impoverished since the New Economic Policy was introduced and the Rural Industrial Development Authority (Rida), a precursor of Mara was established during the Abdul Razak Hussein Administration? Who has become the “new poor” these days?

My view on MRSM is simple: It is a good system that has helped the “poor Malays”, it has helped made many of them very wealthy and released the cycle of poverty from the samsaric cycle. It has achieved its objective.

I believe it is now time to use this best practice and proof of concept to help “poor Malaysians, of all races, religious background, etc.” The MRSM system cannot be kept only as a conveyor belt or human engineering factory to produce one-dimensional mono-cultural beings, but to be used for better purpose: racial integration and national unity.

These days, children of wealthy Malays, children of the privileged, and of MRSM alumni, claim their place in the system - places that are supposed to be reserved for the poorest but the best and the brightest of all races. Let me suggest a new paradigm for MRSM’s modus operandi, to make it smarter and more relevant in this age of smart machines and bio-technology that celebrates cultural diversity.

Revamping the entire curriculum

The new paradigm should urge the revamping of the entire curriculum to meet the challenges of the a global and multicultural world, putting the MRSM school system under the Education Ministry and resources allocated to be used to democratise learning and teaching, and to bring “elitism” to the level of the masses, and most importantly to open up the system to children of poor families from all races.

No longer can MRSM be allowed to have 99 percent Malays and let the schooling process be mono-cultural and create future citizens/leaders who will think only about the Malays and let other races be alienated and marginalised.

Hence my suggestion that 50 percent of the places in the well-funded MRSM schools be allocated for the children of the now-irrelevantly classified as ‘non-bumiputras’. Wouldn’t this be the right policy to pursue?

This is where my proposal to “correct economic imbalances”, “eliminating poverty that cuts across racial lines”, and to “restructure society based on newer economic realities”, will be helpful in order to create a truly nationalistic and inclusive economy that harness the power of multiculturalism rather that one-race-dominant idea of bumiputraism.

This is where MRSM places need to be available to 50 percent of ‘non-bumiputra’ as the next stage of equitable educational evolution so that the dream, albeit sloganised, of a 1Malaysian Truly Asia Strength-in-Diversity Malaysia will be fully realised.

At an early age of socialisation, MRSM students need to learn to interact productively and progressively with each of the country’s races so that their early set leadership skills will include acquiring those of embracing diversity and improving themselves continuously.

Only by restructuring and re-orienteering the inner-workings of schooling systems such as MRSM and Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) - the all-Malay-and all-too-Malay university - into a global and multicultural learning spaces and experiences, will we be able to dismantle race-based politics that has become a scourge and a curse to the aspirations of a developed and civil society we Malaysians wish to leave for our children and grandchildren.

I have a few questions to end this brief note on ways to make the well-guarded well-funded MRSM system smarter and to function better: Why not use Mara’s and the government’s money to help ALL Malaysians that are poor? Aren’t we all Malaysian citizens, regardless of race and religion? Isn't this what religion teach us to think about the future of our children - to think beyond race, creed? Who owns this country anyway?

Is the MRSM philosophy of education crafted, in the form of a hidden curriculum, to teach people to be excessively ethnocentrist and to perpetuate race-based ideologies useful as “commanding heights” to guide polices to maintain the withering Malay-bumiputra hegemony?

For these questions, all Malaysians concerned about a common future, will have to answer.

DR AZLY RAHMAN, born in Singapore and grew up in Johor Baru, holds a Columbia University (New York City) doctorate in International Education Development and Masters degrees in four areas: Education, International Affairs, Peace Studies and Communication. He has taught more than 40 courses in six different departments and has written more than 350 analyses on Malaysia. His teaching experience in Malaysia and the United States spans over a wide range of subjects, from elementary to graduate education. He has edited and authored four books; Multiethnic Malaysia: Past, Present, Future (2009), Thesis on Cyberjaya: Hegemony and Utopianism in a Southeast Asian State (2012), The Allah Controversy and Other Essays on Malaysian Hypermodernity (2013), and the latest Dark Spring: Ideological Roots of Malaysia's GE-13 (2013). He currently resides in the United States. Twitter,
blog. BOOKS by Azly Rahman: http://gbgerakbudaya.com/bookshop/index.php?main_page=index&book_authors_id=108&typefilter=book_authors



MARA is progress not fascism

Mara means "to advance (forward)". It is the opposite of "retreat" and the declaration of defeat. It does not mean Undur.

uitm students protest in selangor state office 130808 02Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) must live up to its name. So must its younger brother Maktab Rendah Sains MARA. It is in the interest of the public to suggest good ideas for reform - and to advance.

In my lifetime I have been affiliated with both organisations. I taught in the former institution and I was schooled in the latter. Whether a product of historical accident or not, I am proud of my experiences in both. There is a reason for things to happen. I came from a poor family and was given the chance to have an education I wish many more Malaysians, my parents included.

But I wish to share my view on this troubling phenomenon that is plaguing a certain segment of the Malays. My argument will be largely linguistic.

What is the Malay view of the recent protest of UiTM student - of those young "men-in-black" whose are mourning and calling for the death of reason and rationality and for critical sensibility?

I think Malays in general are angry at the protesters. I think they are embarrassed that those few thousands of Malay students were displaying their ignorance of what Universiti Mara means.

While other universities have advanced (sudah mara ke hadapan) and are proud that they are embracing diversity and sharing resources for the benefit of deserving children of all races, those protesting UiTM students are experiencing the opposite.

They are yelling with pride the word "defeat" and "retreat". Instead of Ayuh Mara they are actually saying Jom Undur. While thinking needs to advance, these students are saying that they need to digress (Ayuh… mari mundur ke belakang). Mundur is the derivative word.
Should a university embody the philosophy of mundur rather than mara? Should it even be proud of being and embodiment of that philosophy? I doubt it. Only a misguided leader will be proud of being a guide to 'defeat and retreat' while the world around 'advances' and moves.

uitm students protest in selangor state office 130808 01But these students are not entirely at fault. It is the ideology and perpetrators of the ideology of undur itself that's at fault. It is the leaders implementing the retrogressive ideology that are at fault.
It is the systematic indoctrination programme of ketuanan Melayu run over the decades that are advancing this UiTM philosophy of retreat.

It is an overdose of the work of government-sponsored Biro Tata Negara (BTN) that is making the mass retreat and defeat possible. It is the work of Malay-dominated agencies like these that are imprisoning the minds of the Malays. This is an anti-Malay-progress establishment that is using deformed arguments on race and ethnicity to pursue an educational ideology that has gone bankrupt.
Docile Malay intended
This is an anti-Malaysian mode of thinking that is still allowed to shackle the mind of the Malays. The idea is simple: make the Malay mind docile and afraid to think and you will divide and conquer them.

UiTM students need to instead protest against the continuing oppression they are experiencing through the work of their own institution and through BTN. They should demand that multiculturalism instead of blind nationalism be made the foundation of their college experience. UiTM students are more intelligent than those who protested against the suggestion.

In the 1980s UiTM's (then ITM) orientation programme used to be conducted using the tactics of sheer humiliation and stupidity; meant to stupefy the young, bright Malay minds.
The ROTU (Reserve Officers Training Unit then) was part of the week-long organisers of the orientation to create an awareness of how ITM students must learn to live in a tough and challenging environment.

Senior students would prey upon the incoming freshmen to make them 'tough' through humiliation – name-calling, physical threats, psychological abuse, etc. Minggu Orientasi (Orientation Week) is a week for the seniors to have control over the mind of the Malays; oftentimes in a gangsterish way.
um campus polls oppostion 280907 womenOf course, it is also the time for the senior boys to show toughness to the young girls in this 'big brother-little sister' game of tough love. Many of them fell involved with each other in this 'Master-Slave' relationship. Even senior girls prey upon young boys, acting rough and tough on them. Pathetic paternalistic philosophy in progress.

At times the freshmen would be roughened up by students in army boots and told to just follow instructions if they are to survive in ITM. They will be screamed at for trying to speak up. This is the ideology of ketuanan Melayu at work; how to enslave the mind of the young Malays and continue to do so through the hidden curriculum designed by those who wish to have control over the mind of the bright young and eager-to-learn Malays.

Instead of teaching the in-coming students how to take good notes, listen to lectures, speak up in public, pay extra attention to English Language, and be open to new ideas, respect each other, and learn from other cultures, the Malay students are subjected to humiliation in a place that called itself a university.

Retrogressive ideologies

In MRSM as well, a predominantly Malay-elite secondary institution for the best and brightest  young Malays, similar things have been happening since the 1980s as well. Kursus Kesedaran (Self Awareness Courses) are conducted to instill the questionable idea of Ketuanan Melayu, making the children afraid of "Malaysian boogeymen and boogeywomen" and their own shadows.

sekolah menengah high school girls uniformOpen-mindedness is rarely encouraged and students take control over each others' lives transplanting retrogressive ideologies into each other's head, with the help of ultra-nationalist and anti-multiculturalist teachers.
Even if these children survive the ideological ordeal and experience 'tough love' and go on to get their degrees from top American and British universities, they will still be Malays with a shallow understanding of multiculturalism or become more sophisticated Malays with more complex arguments on Ketuanan Melayu.

They will then design policies to affect the needed sustenance of ideology in order to protect the interests of the few.  Neo-feudalistic cybernetic Malays are then new creation of the political-economic ruling class. They run the country and many are now running it down.

As an educator wishing to see Malays progress alongside in peace and prosperity with other races, I call upon us all to put a stop to all forms of  indoctrination held especially by the BTN; an organisation that is of no value to the advancement of the Malays they claim to want to liberate.

It should be taken over by progressive Malaysians and replaced with a systematic effort to promote not only racial understanding through teaching respect and deep reflection on the cultures of the peoples of Malaysia, but also teach conflict resolution and mediation through cross-cultural perspectives. All must question the presence of BTN on campuses. All must reject BTN's programme for indoctrination.

Let us no longer allow any government body of that sort to set foot on our campuses or our schools. As Malaysians we have to demand an end to the further dissemination of racist ideologies.

Open up, not only UiTM and MRSM but also Umno to more cultures. We will have a great celebration of diversity and respect for human dignity in decades to come. I speak as a silent reproduction and capitalised human of both MRSM and UiTM; a product of the human capital revolution of the Mahathir era.

MARA means progress. Malays are now sick of contradictions and doublespeak. They do not wish to Undur. Let us all protest against the stupefication of the Malays. Let us dismantle racist institutions.


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MRSM SYSTEM OBSERVED: EDUCATIONAL APARTHEID .. be fair to all .. change this policy please ...

MRSM as CASE STUDY .. This is what I have been writing about and folks need to correct this and to be fair to all regardless of race and religion ... Parliamentarians please discuss this issue ...

IGCSE for only MRSM students! What about the rest?
Last updated on 19/11/2013 - 10:49
Posted on 18/11/2013 - 20:00
Lokman Mustafa

KUALA LUMPUR: When an internationally recognised qualification is only offered to a certain group of students in the country while others equally qualified do not get the same opportunity, it’s bound to create an uproar.

And this is exactly what happened in the case of the Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) which was offered only to several Mara junior science colleges (MRSM) early this year.

Two Pakatan Rakyat leaders are unhappy with the move as it is seen as an unfair and lopsided decision by the Education Ministry.

The Cambridge IGCSE is to add value to the Sistem Pendidikan MRSM (SPMRSM) which provides school leavers the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysian (SPM).

By the end of their school term, MRSM students will be able to obtain dual certification; a move expected to be implemented in all Mara colleges in three years.

However, as the junior science college is only accessible to a certain group of students, this means that only a select few are afforded this opportunity. Students in daily secondary schools will have to be satisfied with the Form Five examination.

The Cambridge IGCSE is arguably the world's most popular international qualification for 14 to 16 year olds.

It is recognised by most higher education institutions as evidence of academic achievement and is offered in many international schools in Malaysia with an annual fee of up to RM60,000.

Selangor Exco member for education, higher education and human capital development Dr Halimah Ali said the move indicates that Mara is preparing its students for the higher education and critical courses which are mainly conducted in English as SPM alone is deemed insufficient.

“The move is a clear indication that Mara students are being targeted for an international market while others have no such opportunity.

"The focus is on MRSM students to excel, whereas students from secondary schools are at a disadvantage," Halimah told theantdaily.

"Their future will not be as bright as MRSM students. At the same time, the move suggests that SPM is just not good enough," she said.

On the use of English as a medium in selected schools, Halimah stressed that the Ministry of Education must be consistent in implementing its policies.

"There is a flip-flop culture in the Ministry of Education. After 56 years of independence, they are still unsure whether to use Bahasa Malaysia, or English, or revert to Bahasa Malaysia as evidenced through the teaching and learning of science and mathematics in English (PPSMI)," she said.

Recently, Kampar MP Dr Ko Chung Sen was reported as saying that those able to enjoy the benefits of an English-language education in MRSM are only the privileged elite.

"If the IGCSE is good for Mara colleges, it must also be good for the rest of the country," said the DAP lawmaker, while pointing out that MRSM students only make up two per cent of the total student population in the country .

"Our SPM alone is not sufficient to produce enough human capital to meet the demand from multi-national companies, either local or overseas," he explained in a media statement.

However, Ko believed IGCSE would not be viable for all secondary schools in Malaysia due to its high costs and difficult management.

"IGCSE is not suitable for subjects like geography and history, which requires local context," he said, adding that English medium schools should be brought back instead.

There are currently three Mara colleges which offer the dual-certification system, with all Mara colleges throughout the country expected to offer the same by 2016.

With the IGCSE, students can enrol directly in international universities, without the need for a transitional qualification through pre-university courses or the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM).


Non-bumis no more?
Azly Rahman
Aug 27, 07 1:06pm
Sometime ago in a column I wrote the following:

We are in the 21st century. About three years from now, we will arrive at the year 2010. The non-Malays and non-bumiputeras have come a long way into being accepted as full-fledged Malaysians, by virtue of the ethics, rights and responsibilities of citizenship. They ought to be given equal opportunity in the name of social justice, racial tolerance and the alleviation of poverty.

Bright and hard-working Malaysians regardless of racial origin who now call themselves Malaysians must be given all the opportunities that have been given to Malays since 40 years back.

Islam and other religions require this form of social justice to be applied to the lives of human beings. Islam does not discriminate one on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, creed nor national origin. It is race-based politics, borne out of the elusiveness of nationalism, that creates post-industrial tribalistic leaders; leaders that will design post-industrial tribalistic policies. It is the philosophy of greed, facilitated by free enterprise runamuck that will evolvingly force leaders of each race to threaten each other over the control of the economic pie. This is the ideology of independence we have cultivated.

I want to elaborate the point further:

A Malay child of Merdeka

As a child born into a Malay family a few years after the shouts of "Merdeka" filled the nation's stadium, and as a child privileged to be given the opportunities accorded to a "bumiputera," I have a statement of hope to convey to our nation.

As an adult growing learning multiple ways of knowing about the world, through people of multiple cultures, I often ask the question of what will happen to the children and grandchildren of Mr Wong, my Jawi teacher in Johor Bahru, Ah Lan the lady who taught my mother how to sew clothes for a living, Dr Das who treated my childhood illness and taught me how to be "patient" about wanting to make changes in the world, Mr PV Kulasingam my fearful headmaster, Miss Chan my favourite Maths teachers who suddenly became angry at me a day after the May 13, 1969 riots, Miss Yap and Mr Ambrose my English teachers who taught me to love the language when I was struggling with other subjects, and countless other "non-Malays non-bumis" I have come to be indebted to – those who have contributed to the "subjectivity" of what I am as a "cultural being living in an ever changing and evolving world of shifting cultural constructs."

In short, I ask the question – what have this nation done to the children and grandchildren of these people through the policies we create to alienate each other?

Because in my profession as an educator, questions are more important than the answers, I present them as such below:

After this Merdeka, celebrations will we all be called the "new bumiputeras"? Will the false dichotomy of "Malays" versus "non-Malays" and "bumiputeras " versus "non-bumiputeras" be abolished? Will we come together as "true blue Malaysians" that will progress through the guiding national development philosophy crafted by the principles of scientific socialism, multiculturalism, affirmative action and meritocratic principles in a balance, and the respect, cultivation, and preservation of indigenous cultures that sustain the dignity of each race?

Will more financial aid be given to the deserving students of all races? Will more scholarships be given to "non-Malays" or "non-bumiputeras" so that they too will enjoy the fruits of labour of the parents and grandparents who toiled for this nation? Will more deserving "non-Malays" be given the much needed aid to study abroad and to come home and serve, so that they will take pride in building the nation that has been kind to them? Will this new preferential treatment cure the ill-feeling and silent animosity over the awarding of resources amongst the different races?

Will the children and grandchildren of great Malaysians – Soh Chin Aun, V Arumugam, Santokh Singh, (the grand-daddies of the real Beckhams of the Malaysian cultural iconoclasm) and Andre Goh, M. Jegathesan, be given scholarship they deserve?

Will preferential treatment be given to those born after the Aug 31, 1957 to their children and grandchildren as well?

It will be a shame to the hard work of the "founding fathers" of Merdeka if we do not work towards providing equality, equity, and equal opportunity to the children of all races. It would kill the spirit of Merdeka.

Our Merdeka gone astray?
This Merdeka, we have gone astray. Race-politics has reached its boiling point. It is predictable as a consequence of the outgrowth of politics in a pluralistic nation. Scholars who write about the difference between nationalism and socialism have predicted the bankruptcy of the former, in an age of globalisation and mass consumption – in an age wherein blind nationalism has become a blinder for the politics of plunder.

This Merdeka, let us extend our special rights to all who deserve to live a life of dignity, based on the principles of universal declaration of human rights. In a nation wherein the three major races help build the nation, the nation must now belong to the children of all these races. It is the logic of the brighter side of Social Darwinism – that all must be made fit to survive, not through natural selection but through an inclusive philosophy of developmentalism. It is an antidote to racial discrimination based on a sound philosophy of peaceful evolution.

We cannot continue to alienate each other through arguments on "social contract" that is alien from perhaps what Jean Jacques Rousseau the great wrote about some 300 years ago – a philosophy that inspired the founding of America, a nation of immigrants constantly struggling (albeit imperfectly) to meet the standards requirements of equality, equity, and equal opportunity especially in education.

How do we come together as Malaysians, as neo-bumiputeras free from false political-economic and ideological dichotomies of Malays versus non-Malays, "bumi" versus "non-bumis' and craft a better way of looking at our political, economic, social, cultural, and psychological, and spiritual destiny – so that we may continue to survive as a specie of Malaysians the next 50 years?

As a privileged Malay and a "bumiputera", I want to see the false dichotomies destroyed and a new sense of social order emerging, based on a more just form of linguistic play designed as a new Merdeka game plan. Think Malaysian - we do not have anything to lose except our mental chains.

There is still a reason to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Dr Azly,it's bull's eye. So true and I know it, I taught in an MRSM before. The students are indoctrinated with those ketuanan kursus, of course using other names. Even during assemblies, certain teachers would emphasize the ketuanan issue, despite having a couple of non bumi teachers there listening! I feel sorry for these kids for they don't mix with other races and imagine the cultural shock when they step out into the real world where different races are found!

dino.yp@gmail.com said...

you are entitled to your own opinion.

Anonymous said...

It's sad how you looked at MRSM negatively. As a proud product of MRSM (form 1-5) and a MARA scholar who taught MRSM for several years, I just want to thank MRSM for a total of 11 amazing years with MRSM, both as a student and an educator. You don't know how much MRSM has transformed a malay like me to be what I am now.

Btw, you are wrong about the cultural shock. There is no culture shock in our diaries. Most culture shocks are like a piece of cake.

Alumni MRSM Melaka
Alumni Mara Community College Kuantan
Alumni West Virginia University, USA
Alumni Nottingham University, UK

Anonymous said...

Salam. Dear Saudara Azly.

First and foremost,i found your photo is funny and i believe your comment/post on MRSM its a bit confusing and filled with hidden agenda.

Before that, the numbers stated doesn’t make sense at all.... as the total figures just don’t add up. Besides, it’s a little bit incoherent with the rest of items...and the MRSM part being bold seems a little bit fishy..(in the context if the numbers really from the right
source or ever exist).

From my experience as an ANSARA, all matters abt MRSM will be handled by MARA BPM
Division (Bahagian Pendidikan Menengah), which will report to the
Timb Ketua Pengarah Pendidikan Mara, where all matters with regards from syllabus, penempatan to financial matters will behandled solely by MARA not by MOE.(IM CHALLENGING YOUR SOURCE!)

That's the reason why, if you notice when PMR or SPM results
being published, MRSM will never be announced as the best school in
the country (although in actual fact MRSM results have proven from time to time are much better), as the announcement by the Ministry of Education will only cover sekolah kerajaan.

I still remember in 90’s where there was a time MARA tak ada duit (and Utusan Malaysia really made a fuss about it), our meal quality at Dewan makan also has been slashed....

My point, i don’t think there is a genuine published consolidated
report ever existed, that will cover all financial matters about the country education systems, where in fact these schools (kerajaan vs MRSM) are separated and report to different Ministries. Currently MARA bertanggungjawab kepada Menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar Dan Wilayah. (AGAIN IM CHALLENGING YOUR SOURCE!)I suspect...you, the blogger has different agenda here.

Nevertheless, if im not mistaken... MRSM, or MARA Junior Science College is a groups of boarding schools created by the People's Trust Council (Majlis Amanah Rakyat, commonly abbreviated as MARA), a Malaysian government agency (err...focus on Malay) to help provide better learning facilities for bright students in local schools throughout Malaysia.

The “initial or earlier” target was to benefit mostly bright & miskin
students especially from the rural areas in Malaysia. The first and
second MRSM established were MRSM Seremban (now Kolej Mara), and MRSM
Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan in 1973.

Just to share, the main reason why MRSM is using GPA and CGPA concept
in their grading, and the form 5 students being exposed with and need to come out with research
and thesis.. were because initially the existence of MRSM is to create
the Malay elite that are “not typical SBP kind of nature”. We were(MRSM students) always been told by our former cikgu, with the likes of long existed SBP such as MCKK or VI in fact,... were more to
British kind of systems, the forefathers of MRSM have adopted the American style in order to create a different kind of education systems. The objective is to balance out the culture of enriching the good and complete Malay...between the Brits and American mold in Malaysia.

I still strongly believe, MRSM "has" contributed a lot to the Malays and Malaysian in overall. You may want to check the ANSARA list and you may be surprised, there are MRSM graduates that have help to shape this country and for you to be able to use the internet and blog about this.

The existance of MRSM is not for the sake of to separate or to unequal the systems, but to give
opportunity for people that are bright, but unfortunate. You...the blogger tried to create certain sentiment, seolah2 ada favouritsm towards Malay education, but infact MRSM systems is trying to balance out the systems that already been flawed by the means of economical created before MRSM inceptions.

Ex MRSM Pengkalan Chepa & MRSM Gerik

Anonymous said...

DR AZLY RAHMAN, who was born in Singapore holds a Columbia University (New York) doctoral degree in International Education Development and Masters degrees in the fields of Education, International Affairs, Peace Studies, and Communication. He is also the pioneer of Maktab Rendah Sains MARA/MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) Kuantan. He currently resides in the United States.

Well En Azly, as one of the product of MRSM systems and you write with very good English, but i think, your content its still a bit shallow..you may want to improve it. The trick is, try to pick good topics for your next post. Not with this kind of crap.

And one more thing, as your field is to develop courses in the fields of Education, Globalization, and Cultural Studies culminating in an innovative Masters Program in International Education Development in the area of Urban Education....to be honest, Im not impress at all...nothing to shout about!

And one more thing, as currently you resides in US, you are not paying Malaysian tax do you? In addition, if you refer to Exchange Control Act 1953, by definition, someone like you, is NOT A RESIDENT of MALAYSIA...

So, just shut up.

From = x mrsm pengkalan chepa/KB (the 2nd MRSM ever created and now the oldest MRSM in Malaysia)

Anonymous said...

kacang lupakan kulit...eh...Dr.Azly faham ke saya komen dlm bahasa melayu nih?? maklum la...

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how you are able to get PhD and become a lecturer. I found all of your comments on MRSM have not been supported with solid facts, no proper sources, no intelligent arguments, no hypothesis or even with a single correct figure.

You are attacking MRSM systems, which is a big organization, thus, you must get your facts right before even dare to bring up your case. Most of your arguments are subjective in nature and built maybe from your bad experience during your employment with MRSM.

Yes, MRSM is not perfect, same goes with the likes of other school, SBP, SJKC,SJKT and even the pre-primary. The main issue is not solely on MRSM but the country's employment nature which relies on exam results to select the best employee rather than attitude. In addition, the economy is controlled by one race. But, these 2 issues not only happen in Malaysia, but globally.

Thus, all your credentials that you have posted on this blog, also can question.

From: X MRSM Pengkalan Chepa and now work in a local Bank near Dataran Merdeka.

Anonymous said...

One of the primary aims of the MRSM system is to balance the economic inequality in the
Nation. Your credentials should have demonstrated to you the dangers of economic polarisation, aggravated by racial demarcartion. MRSM has done well to close both these gaps.
Look for the good in the acorn.......

MRSM KB Pioneer.

Anonymous said...

singapore mana ada keja len..nak menjahanam malaysia ja kejanya

Pak Ali said...

untuk kamu orang Melayu duduk di Amerika, aku saran kau baca karya M. Bakri Musa. kalau dah baca, baca sekali lagi. dia pun tinggal di States, tapi tahu berhemah macam orang di sini.

Anonymous said...

Subhanallah , have you ever been to MRSM in the last four-five years ? Truth be told , lots of improvement have been done and these-so-called culture shock and 'ketuanan melayu' is so not true. My advise is that before you post something that is way out of your league , read it loudly to others and do homeworks on MRSM's education system that is going on RIGHT NOW , not 15-20 years ago . Thank you , you ungrateful creature .


True 9gagger said...


Anonymous said...

pada pendapat saya para pelajar dari SEKOLAH JENIS KEBANGSAAN lebih terdedah kepada budaya CULTURE SHOCK...they couldn't even speak other than their own mother tongue language...it is pretty sad to point out that MRSM students who are among the best students in the country are culture shocked...they are exposed with other languages, exchange students program and even invited teachers from oversea to teach them...and since 5 years ago, non-malay are also accepted in MRSM...you are not even a Malaysian people and only read about our country in the media...even though you hold a doctorate, but u never act like one...so sad!

Anonymous said...

Please do some research before you'd want to say anything about it.we live based on facts and not lies.And for you sir,someone who's currently holding a PhD surely knows that anything that you write have to be based of FACTS.You sir from my observation are talking based on you feelings.please get you FACTS straight before you write on something like this.

Ex-MRSM Merbok

Konsortium Akuakultur said...

Is it wrong to focus and giving more attention to Malay education? Thats the only question i want to ask!!! History remains! Malays once the greatest people over Nusantara!! Dr Azly, plase dont confuse other Malaysian (later was called "MALAYSIAN"). Withdue respect, We never question or condemn other races education system at all..those effort by MRSM udertakers has shown good result. They can be more "MULTICULTURIST" in social life..u dont have to worry..that is the real culture shock we are worrying most. As we Malays have remain our culture and hospitallity. U dont have to worry what there are thinking while havig guest..there is something can be shared and some cant!!



Anonymous said...

thank god you are not my teacher when you and me co- exist in MRSM Berseri

duanz2008@gmail.com said...

kawe anak ore kampung. mujurlah ada MRSM, kalu dok jual daun tembakau lah lo ni.

dr azly ni fikiran mabuk bandar dah kot..mujurlah bukan cikgu ambo kat maktab dulu.

Anonymous said...

I believe that education is for everyone. Being a non- bumi, I stand on fair ground, MRSM started good to help the poor. I know it has done great but Malaysia need to re shape the education system.
I am a teacher in a town school with fair share of all the three races.My pupils do mix with each other in school. It is wrong to blame the government but the grass root problem is family upbringing.

Anonymous said...

Wowww, Bila dah terlampau bijak, lupa utk berpijak di bumi yg nyata, fikiran pun ala2 amerika thinking....syabas...dr anak singapura... Alhamdulilah bukan anak malaysia...yg hauskan kebebasan sehingga perlu menagih di negeri org...saya bangga dgn sistem mrsm...lebih dr sistem pembelajaran sbp atau sekolah biasa...tapi minta di jauhkan anak2 mrsm dr menjadi kacang lupakan kulit...

Zain Azrai said...

Well, ex-MRSM here are well indoctrinated to be fully fond with their old tradition , loyalty and refusing to accept different views and critics. You are proud to claim as ex-MRSM but choose to remain anonymous. You start to argue on writer's background, education, his modern thinking and even his nationality just to discredit room for discussion that he is offering. Some of you are in education sector, masyaAllah. I believes all anonymous comment made here are from well educated background. Share your thought in higher thinking level rather than cheap shot just to shut the critics.

Zain Azrai
Ex MRSM Kulim

Anonymous said...

dr azly. u ex mrsm student but how sad you are, u dont even practice science after all..

Anonymous said...

My son now studies at MRSM, I am an ex-SBP,my other son is now at SBP, another one Sek Men Agama kerajaan negeri. Apa yang saya boleh kata ialah ubah diri anda sendiri. Kita tidak boleh merubah orang lain atau sistem yang telah sedia ada. Mana2 sistem pon ada kelebihan dan kekurangan.

Anonymous said...

mohon ex mrsm jgn jadi kacang lupakan kulit. dah berpelajaran tinggi then suddenly kritik institusi sndri. mnta dijauhkan..

Anonymous said...

It real sad for those ketuanan Melayu who do not agree with you. Their shallow thoughts are a good reflection of what is happening in Tanah Melayu. You are not a Malaysian so you got no right to criticize, you live in US and do not pay tax, so you got no right. This is akin to you are pendatangs , if you do not like it here go back to India or China! Are these the products from Malay only schools? Some claimed it is the best of British/American system. I surely would like to smoke what they are smoking. Many decades ago I have a colleague who can't even write a technical report in English a product of Malay only education system.
I can't imagine the gov believes we can be a developed country in 2020 with this elitist product.

Anonymous said...

Wow...all these MRSM chaps sound so very claustrophobic.......hope they dont fall flat on their faces like Mukhriz.....grow up in a normal school and try not to be spoonfed....dont be another wahid, ismi,mukhriz or mokhzani.......they all need a leg up to get where they are....and when you reach there,you sudenly realise you are not street wise...and by the time you realise it...its too late.....

Anonymous said...

If you want to comment about about MRSM is all about the Ketuanan Melayu ... How about u batter have a look with other school like Chung Hwa, Chinese private school ... When the education are more to Chinese student to be mora chauvinist then to be more Malaysian ... Acually what are try to say About MRSM .. Do the research about other education before you say about MRSM

Anonymous said...

Jika Melayu yang berusaha menghapuskan hak² Melayu itu sendiri...
apalah lagi yang ada pada kita....
melarat di negara kelahiran sendiri suatu hari nanti??? Nauzubillahiminzalik

Anonymous said...

I disagree with your comments here sir,firstly,i do not believe MRSM students parrot their teachers or follow them blindly.MRSM students think critically and they certainly dont abide blindly to teachers
your point about valueless ideologies intrigues me as you claimed these students are taught and brought up to be ethnocentric.This is certainly not the case as there are no 'kursus kesedaran' being run or being masked behind various programmes.The programmes that mrsms currently run are the ones that are centered on soft skills and entrepeneurship skills.And even though students of other race is a minority in MRSMs,they have been proven to blend in perfectly with those so called ethnocentric students.This is a proof that there are no racial discrimination and that these students are ready to survive in a multicultural world.
Furthermore,a majority of MRSM students have a good command of english and they are certainly open minded and the attitude of open mindedness is certainly fostered and encouraged in MRSM.These students are equipped with the necessary skills to learn about other cultures with acceptance.I would also like to add that MRSM students have shown a high amount of independence and leadership skills.
In conclusion,you can be assured that MRSM is not producing ethnocentric future leaders that will implement feudalistic policies or any terrible things that have been said.MRSM is not place for mind control or indoctrination but it is a place of education.It is not a successful failure.Thank you DR.Azly Rahman

P.S I would encourage the writer to do some background checks on his info because clearly there is a high amount of wrong information being showcased here.

P.S.S The picture featured is does not show MRSM students :)

-an MRSM Student

Ansara said...

I am not from a well-to-do family, we barely make ends meet then. I used to walked 4km to primary school each day with my only trusted white and thorn shoes. I had the opportunity to be schooled in MRSM for my secondary schooling, After almost 30 years, I am now the CEO of a respectable company. Whatever being said above, I am still grateful to the education that I have received during my stay at MRSM. Not all issues brought up above are true. There's always two sides of the coin. ........ maybe more.

Anonymous said...

MRSM byk tolong orang melayu yang miskin.tapi ada jugak orang melayu sendiri yang menentang sistem persekolahan MRSM. Alasan kejutan budaya xcukup untuk anda mengatakan MRSM gagal.SJKC SJKT itu x culture shock? ada tak kamu dengar orang cina ke india berjuang untuk hapuskan SJKC dan SJKT? hapuskan lah semua sekolah yang berteraskan bangsa ni. kita buat satu sekolah pelbagai bangsa dan SJKC SJKT hapuskan. ada mereka mahu terima?

Anonymous said...

As a former alumni of mrsm, I certainly agree with your point of view. Scaremongering the students with racial issues wont do any good at all, and indirectly will create a paranoid, conservative and narrow minded society.

Anonymous said...

Based on the comments posted by alumni of mrsm, i have to.say that it is sad that these supposedly the best among the malay students resort to ad hominem. I see no attempt to answer the arguments written in the article but instead many turn to attack his credential and went on further to bash him. This is so sad given the amount of money spent on their education by MARA.

Another interesting trend I observed in the comments by these MRSM alumni is the same repeated argument of how MRSM is to help the malay. Indoctrination completed, congratulation MRSM!

It's funny how many malay lament and complain about the chinese school and how there should only be one school for all Malaysians but here we are defending schools for supposedly weak and in need bumiputras. Stop this hypocrisy and offer the best possible education to all Malaysians regardless of the race or religion. Our non-bumi forefathers fought just as hard or maybe even harder for this country along side our bumi forefathers and I am sure they would be sad if they saw how some of their children are being discriminated against be their fellow countrymen.

Yang benar,
Melayu berjiwa Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Sir, you should also write something similar to the administrators of vernacular schools in Malaysia especially the Chinese based schools. I am a secondary school teacher who finds it difficult and frustrating to teach and mould the minds of students who come from Chinese schools who can't even string a simple correct sentence in Bahasa Malaysia which is supposed to be Malaysia's NATIONAL language They have no care or respect foe Malay teachers nor do they bother with the multicultural 'Malaysian' concept. Being in this business for more than 15 years gives me the rights to make this statement. Racist? Up to you. If you suggest that Malaysia should do away with 'malaycentric' institutions, then be fair and suggest the same for institutions of other 'ethno centric' race/cultures.

Mohammad Aidil Ali said...

Exposure to other language does not necessarily mean one is free from cultural shock. Pardon me for saying this but I am a product of Sekolah Kebangsaan only. Provided with too little pampering and help, in varsity level I am way much better than those 'product' of MRSM you claimed.

It's saddening how, despite of the fact that you guys regard yourselves 'golongan elit' still your minds are morbidly narrow. Perhaps it is time for everyone to see that today, the concept of 'ketuanan melayu' is no longer acceptable after 56 years Malaysia call itself a multiracial country.

Anonymous said...

iam sbp student and i admit mrsm is great intitutional...congatulation mrsm,,most of them capable to compete with other race and posses great leadership in them,no doubt they are among of our country future,,


Anonymous said...

Hey Aidil, you should realize that you were one of those golongan elit before you drop out from the school due to some complications. So, yeah, faham-faham la sendiri ye.

Anonymous said...

I really think that that's a given, thanks.

Anonymous said...

wow... it quit offensive. when you talk about MRSM please describe it as a whole. dont put ur experience in ot writing every people experience different things. everything you did are at your own risk. for me, MRSM has produce a great number of successor.. i hope u are one of them. next time give a solid facts and not the shallow one. peace...

ex student MRSM TAIPING
Senior Engineer Sapura kencana

Mohammad Aidil Ali said...

Hey you there. I'm back. Well, one thing I am sure of is you know who I am but I don't know who you are. Thus the act of reliving the dark past of mine is a very wise move for your anonymity applies some sort of safety net around you, although I can see way how can I inflict you any harm and rest assured, I have no intention whatsoever.

I am not going to vindicate myself over the 'complication' because that what's done is done. But only Allah knows how much I regret it and I would give all these so that such thing won't happen and better yet, I will not be in MRSM at the very first place. Studying in a multiracial secondary school taught me a lot. Of being of privilege and being undertrodden, of evenhandedness and injustice and of how to make me to who I am now.

Damn, this is becoming emotionally personal. I am sorry people.

A clarification though, I don't discriminate MRSM students. Disagreements are for the sake of disagreement and wouldn't it be nice if we can regard difference as blessing?

Anonymous said...

Dr Azly... I was your student decades ago while you were teaching in one of the MRSM. I understand you writting from your experience back when you teach there and I understand by what you meant in this article. MRSM kemelayuan, yes, the same way as Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina, kecinaan and Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil, ketamilan. It's something that we can't get away living in a multiracial country. I think if you want to criticize ant MRSM, you should also criticize at the other Chinese and Indian schools because they are all the same. The same way Chinese and Indian schools are to protect their races, MRSM is to protect the Malays. By the way, I do agree on Pintar Permata expensive elite project, but don't think it have to do with MRSM. This elite project is run by certain group of people using of course government funds which to me can benefit a lot of other rural and urban school in dire need of restoration.

myfavoritelist said...

Throughout my school years, I went to all-Malay schools, including MRSM when I was in form 4 and form 5. And yes, they did have the "ketuanan melayu" part. However, this doesn't stop me from having Chinese or Indian friends. Learning is a lifelong process and school is not the only place where you learn how to be an adult.

Anonymous said...

Fiirst of all, are you MRSMians? Do you really gone through the lifestyle in MRSM? Frankly said people that tried to questioned on this ketuanan or malays by comparing MRSM or UiTM you should see how the malays lead their lifestyle now. Without the establishment of both can we really guarantee that Malays and Bumi's can compete with others. Its not about we the product of MRSM are not qualified to compete but this is because the establishment of MRSM actually build us to be more competitive. So that we'll not be like the owner of this country but live like an outsider. MRSM and UiTM do create big chances for us to mix with other races. Its not being racism but does we need to be gather in one university just to show that we are not racist?. You should find another better reason i guess.
Well they might be some people said "Budak MRSM / UiTM pantang kena cuit terus melenting"
hmm typical Malaysian.
Btw can u provide us more evidences on your points. Eveb your points and reason are just based on you yourself. Shame on you because educated people but never think like you are educated. Sorry if it harsh. In MRSM and UiTM we were taught to tell people if they are wrong. And thats the way of mine.

I'm ex MRSM Gemencheh. And a student of UiTM.

calios said...

bikin malu mrsm kuantan je ko ni bro..aku batch '96 boleh je cari sorang yang bersetuju dengan ko, tapi yang lain semua pasti tak akan bersetuju..

the point is, regardless you are one of the pioneers from kuatagh, i believe that the rests of your mates might disagree with you..

plus, you did not furnish your info with hard and solid evidence..period!

Anonymous said...

bodoh punya orang...tulis la credential panjang2 ingat gah sangat la kot, tp fikiran kolot..aku student mrsm takde pun cultural shock..puih Dr konon..

ex mrsm pendang..

Anonymous said...

What a load of balderdash! MRSM students get more global exposure at a young age than say, government school students. They go on exchange programmes to various countries, they participate in debates and science fairs at an international level, and are encouraged (some are sponsored) to further their tertiary studies in countries which include the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia, you name it! Many more MRSM students have gone on to achieve first class honours or have graduated magna cum laude in these overseas universities than students from government schools, private schools or elsewhere - someone check the statistics, please! And these same students have successfully integrated not only in multicultural Malaysia, but in the multi-ethnic world!

Generalisation by the writer is absolutely laughable. To tar all MRSM students with the same brush, is just like saying oh all students of Cambridge University are geniuses - yeah? what about those students who fail, the dropouts?

Dr Azly Rahman, before you tag us as successful failures - as you found fit to call us - you may need to do some soul searching yourself. I regret to inform you that you, my dear Dr, in my books, are a TOTAL failure - hey, you like that tag?

Anonymous said...

Aidil how can you know that you are 'way' much better than those 'product' of mrsm? Wow youre very great man..although not all mrsm students are good but the way you talk is too damn ria' u know.

Anonymous said...

Duk cita apa ni? Mana ada aku kena basuh ngn system mrsm. Aku elok ja ni. Sikit pun xculture shock. Ketuanan melayu mana ad kt mrsm depa xpenah ajar pun. Xpenh terpengaruh la. Cuba la wat research dl btul2. Xbaik la mcm tu. Bg saya la, saya x penah nak bangga sangat jd anak mrsm. Tp bdk2 sekolah biasa yang duk dengki. Pastu kena mcm ni pulak. Xsyok la begini.
Ex-MRSM Kepala Batas

Anonymous said...

hamboiii,hebatnya hang tulis omputih..vocab semua nokharom hebat nohh. ceq sampai kena guna google translate ni..sumpah tak tipu. a very successful failure opinion pasai mrsm.hang ni dah terlebih urban ni dok tulis gini.ish2

Anonymous said...

Singaporean. No wonder

Anonymous said...

I agree with u as im also one of mrsm product!!im proud to be one!!
Ex MRSM Pasir tumboh &MRSM Pengkalan Chepa

Anonymous said...

as a mrsm student,i am very much hurt with this statement.i learnt so much during 5 years of my mjsc's time. mr mohammad aidil ali.....aku rse kau pun ade adik sek kt mrsm kn?? cuba kau tnye dia pasal statement ni dan dengar ape yang dia komen..... maybe you are the best among your friends in any subjects and got 4.0 in examination.... tp...jgn bangga sangat la dengan semua tu,kalau hati lecturer pun kau nak sakitkn..... Bila2 masa je Allah swt boleh tarik balik apa yang Dia bagi kat kau...... "i am a gifted"....... i cant deny that,a lots of people are gifted....... i have many friends are gifted......... tapi,diaorg tak pernah ckp pun " i am gifted" aku harap kau faham..... my sisters are sbp student....... you know what??? they admit mrsm is a great intitutional..... but you?? its sad how you looked at MRSM negatively. i just want to thank MRSM for a total of 5 years,as a student .you dont know how much MRSM has transformed a malay plus chinese like me to be what i am

Anonymous said...

I don't even know what he's blabbering about the 'ketuanan' at all. Do we have this in MRSM??

-proud MJSC Muadzam Shah student-

Anonymous said...

What a rubbish article.nonsense..know nothing what he's actually talking about.

Shazlan said...

Saudara Azly,

1. A wise man don't say things that he doesn't know about. When the mouth (or fingers) works faster than the brain, the result is mere stupidity and the ignorant comments will easily outshines the credentials.

2. As an academician, I am sure that you are well aware of the need to do proper research before publishing something... especially when you info or knowledge of the issues are really... hmm, outdated and obsolete?

3. I studied 5 years in MRSM. The only 'ketuanan' thingie I can think about was during BTN... but wait, that's not 'part of MRSM program' as other schools also sent their student to these camps.

4. Your writing reflects your shallow view on many of us, assuming that we are all stupid & naive - simply bending down and get all these ketuanan stuff shoved up our a**. This is quite insulting, at least from my point of view.

5. There's nothing wrong with an institution to help the Malays to grow and wake up. What is wrong is they do it the UMNO ways - by repressing and instigating hatred towards other races in broad daylight, not to mention the legalized robbery. Sure, there are shortcomings in MRSM but practically speaking, there's no absolute perfection in life.


MRSM KK & Taiping

Anonymous said...

Pseudo intelectual macam saudara ini , patut bertaubat. Saya perhatikan bukan soal sosial dan ekonomi sahaja yang tuan tulis tanpa fakta yang tepat Tetapi yang lebih bahaya saya lihat cubaan saudara menulis tent ang Islam yang kadang kadang jauh terpesong dan lari dari aqidah Islam. nauzubillahhiminzalik. Bertaubat lah sebelum terlewat.

Anonymous said...

Calm down all of you, here is a good opinion for those who cannot understand Dr. Azly's argument for equality for all Malaysians:

"If the BN gomen is serious about 1Malaysia, they would have revamped MRSM, the haven for ‘in breeding’ of the worst kind in turning out narrow minded individuals who do not have a mind of their own, cannot think properly, cannot speak coherently, is a complete failure in the English language, do not have a world view of other races, and possibly intolerant of others, not of their type.

So they prefer staus quo, business as usual with the systematic brainwashing of young minds in MRSM and other malay institutions. The non malays have no choice but to perform their best outside of these well funded institutions. In the process they excel and become more creative and resilient and frustrated and feel the push factor even more before and after graduation from universities. The pull factor to leave is always there as they would not have to deal with all the nonsense going on in public schools in malaysia when time comes for their children to attend school, and the non existence of meritocracy in workplaces, housing, and every aspect of life in Malaysia.

How can you blame them with the BN government trying to screw them at every turn? The education system in Malaysia is a regressive instead of a progressive one. The quality of education has gone down the drain long ago and will continue to be as long as BN stays in power and conduct business as usual, with no respect and regards to even the existence of other races that make up the population of Malaysia. .."

pja - maresmart said...


Anonymous said...

to almost all of the negative and self-defeating commentators above, i have a simple question: why are you afraid of more non-Malays being accepted into MRSM? are you all mentally weak? i am wondering ... please answer. and do you actually understand the article? or is it a problem of language?

Anonymous said...

Pemikiran yg sungguh kesian...


saiful said...

culture shock ko ni azly rahman


Cruzeiro said...

Doc- through the comments here, they have just proven your point la ....
Not one of these guys seem to be able to articulate themselves well enough to refute all that you say!!
What a shame .... indeed- MRSM is not just a "successful falure"- but a spectacular one at that!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny to read most of the comment. Most of it are irony. Some says this post is written with good english but shallow, lack of point. However fail to correct the fact. Some attack the author saying he only looking at the negative side of MRSM, if so, give out some points to prove the positive side of MRSM, some comment that the article is written but no valid source, if so, prove the author wrong by giving the legitimate source. Some comment from 'ex-mrsm' or educator does not even portray who you really are. Shame.

Anonymous said...

TUAH- How long can the Malays live under the proverbial "" coconut shell " . I just pity them ... blame the rogue politicians !!!!!! A wasted generation and it also affects my family and children .

Anonymous said...

From Sathiskumari: Simply an excellent piece of article Dr.Azly.I really admire all your writings and this is one of the truthful piece.You're continuously giving all the valuable messages to the top political leaders but unfortunately all fall on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

From Dean Johns: Excellent article, Azly, and one which pinpoints the scandal at the heart of our public system - which is that it exists (supposedly) to benefit the Malays but in reality seriously disadvantages them. I've said this before so I'll say it again, the single biggest improvement would come if the emphasis on religion in schools were dropped. It is divisive, simplistic, anti-intellectual (anti-intelligence, in fact) and designed to push Malaysians into an 'us and them' mentality from the age of 6. Absolutely crazy! MD

Anonymous said...

From RR: Your truthful article will hurt the emotion and pride of the indoctrinated young malays and all the top narrow-minded politicians who support this course of successful failures. Until realization of truth is dawned on them they will not change because they enjoy the comfort zone of less or no competition,merit or hard work. We pity the future generations if there is no change in the mindset of top political leaders charting the direction of this nation. 1Malaysia is good if equitable, equal and merit based.

Anonymous said...

From: Haveagreatday Yes , Dr Azly, what enlightened views!! But sadly, the UMNOputras will not take any of the actions that you suggested!! And the MRSM with the help of BTN will continue to churn graduates with a tunnel-vision of race relation in our country!!

Anonymous said...

From: Swipenter : "Successful failure" that is an innovative and creative way to describe the elitist malay only education institutions. Without the reality of globalisation these "successful failure" may actually work for a long time. The chief architects of such policies maybe forgiven for not seeing the onset of globalisation and the internet and its effects on the world. Even now they still refused to open the minds of their charges to diversity and openess necessary to compete well in the 21st century. Not able to see beyond one's nose is not very endearing to surviving and competing in today globalised and wired world.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous_3db4: Quite a lot of us are genuinely sorry for the Malays caught in the scenarios you painted.In a globalised world it seems so outdated.Perhaps it is a Machiavellian scheme to upkeep the agenda you alluded to.Just about anyone you talk to has substantial number of family or friends working or settled elsewhere.And more and more plan to leave.As the subsidy contributors reduce in number and the level of skills deteriorate are they still going to keep blaming those who have not run away yet.whatever it is I take my hat off to the "Elite" in general for a job well done

Anonymous said...

From: temenggong : Elitism leads to classes, then class struggles. Eventually it will take the Malays to the gutter. Shabas Azly! We are proud of our honest and 'bare it all' and 'tell it as it is' Malay scholar!

Anonymous said...

From: fogbom: The hegemony-obsessed Princes of the Soil, a shrinking force, have built Fortress Ketuanan Melayu(FKM) with its roving band of irregulars Perk#sa and the Tiga Line mercenary bandits patrolling the hills infested with the likes of dissidents like Dr Azly with his lofty ideas, the much-feared Pakatan Rakyat guerrillas and many others. However growing numbers of peasants are joining the guerrillas and a violent clash is expected in the lush hills of GE14. The land has already been lost and the desperate princes have to remain holed up at FKM, prisoners of their bankrupt ideology. The Princes have been living well, with imported luxuries, dining on slaughtered cows and flying on private jet planes. To combat shortages of money, they have to resort to taxing the suffering peasants even more, driving them into the arms of the PR guerrillas.The end cometh.

Anonymous said...

Such schools that segregate young Malays are definitely a MAJOR obstacle – not only to national unity but also to empower Malays to become less dependent on the government.
Maybe that is the main purpose – to create a compliant group of Malaysians who depend on the Bankrupsi Negara regime and are a reliable vote bank.
I reckon the only way to solve this problem is to vote to change the government – too many years of screwing up the future generations.

Anonymous said...

I don’t think they will ever learn the simple notion that in-breeding is no good for any creature. USA thrived because they accepted brains from everywhere, likewise the little DOT down South does the same thing. The result is so obvious though not to our “leaders” who can only slogan ” ketuanan”. slogan is free but not the process of training people to think and to be competitive. Mere sloganeering is a sure way to Zimbabwe, we all know the danger as after too much sloganeering of half-truth, they too begin to believe that their make-belief is real! In reality, to unwind such mind is not going to be easy after over a generation of propaganda. It gonna last another generation or two even if they begin now. And would they start now???

Anonymous said...

If the BN gomen is serious about 1Malaysia, they would have revamped MRSM, the haven for ‘in breeding’ of the worst kind in turning out narrow minded individuals who do not have a mind of their own, cannot think properly, cannot speak coherently, is a complete failure in the English language, do not have a world view of other races, and possibly intolerant of others, not of their type.

So they prefer staus quo, business as usual with the systematic brainwashing of young minds in MRSM and other malay institutions. The non malays have no choice but to perform their best outside of these well funded institutions. In the process they excel and become more creative and resilient and frustrated and feel the push factor even more before and after graduation from universities. The pull factor to leave is always there as they would not have to deal with all the nonsense going on in public schools in malaysia when time comes for their children to attend school, and the non existence of meritocracy in workplaces, housing, and every aspect of life in Malaysia.

How can you blame them with the BN government trying to screw them at every turn? The education system in Malaysia is a regressive instead of a progressive one. The quality of education has gone down the drain long ago and will continue to be as long as BN stays in power and conduct business as usual, with no respect and regards to even the existence of other races that make up the population of Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Come and see me, we should have a debate.

ex MRSM BP said...

Your article title quite interesting however the contents quite disappointing. Yes its true MRSM has its flaws in many ways but to label them as racially institution is something blow out of proportion. MRSM creates its own culture but certainly not racist. Most MRSM product in the previous and current market are not racist. They adapt well with multicultural environment. Your issues in this article is not really an issue. MRSM dont need to change about their perception about other races as there are no problem in it. What concern more is current MRSM are going for quantity rather than quality. We lacks Leadership skill, Entrepreneurship,politics and Islamic values.

Anonymous said...

The enormous failure of national-type schools to be inclusive and attractive to Non Malays had made Other-type schools seems attractive……it benefited the narrow and short sighted objectives of minority ” leaders ” at the great expense of national interests.

This failure to unite the people, through inclusive and multi cultural and religious education environment for decades, had a permanent, long term and far reaching consequences….nobody wins in this environment.

Anonymous said...

Actually MRSM provide an interesting study about the the limit of govt to make real changes. It has no doubt produce a good number of good graduates that has attended top schools. However, despite that the number of them that has actually been successful in being entreprenuers or inspirational economic leadership is actually very few compared to the non-Malay community that has been discriminated against and left to their own device.

The phenomenon is not unique – In neigbouring Singapore, the scholarship and elitist corporate system have not produced great entreprenuers and great companies even though their companies and institutions that they run are efficient and relevant.

There are things the govt can do well but it cannot predict and produce inspiration, epiphanies and in fact one can argue, should not. Humility and one’s place in life should always be limited in civilised humanity.

It why the MRSM system while useful and its weakness unfortunate, gives false hope of what a govt can achieve, actually should respect about market forces and basic right of human freedom.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... maaf mencelah....hanya org penakut dan. tak pasti dgn fakta tulis tajuk yg ade QUESTION MARK......,cm bc utusan je......ridiculous dan buang ms....by the way...MRSM born a lot of survivors..DEPA MMG HEBAT..walaupun aku ni bukan mrsm...FROM XMML KB

sherifah said...

We are not afraid of more non malays entering mrsm. In fact, we welcome it. What we dont agree is him saying that we hv been brainwashed until we cant think on our own. That mrsm have churned out students with no quality.

Anonymous said...

You have never ever enter mrsm.I have and I think what have you stated are not true at all.

Anonymous said...

A good convergence of MRSM automatons here.

Mohd Azizul said...

From my shutted mouth perspective..

mrsm does a lot of improvement in malay education by selecting the miskin but bright students,it does changed a lot on the level planes as we all can see(to compared it with SBP??)..but in the other hand,it is too obvious that the multiracial impact are not being imposed on the young and bright malays in mrsm. A lot of my fellow bright friends that i met after they're being produce by mrsm,they show little interest in other race,but somehow in a year or 2 they start realising this is malaysia and it is multiracial nation and economically driven by racial segregation..and at the end either they side to malays which is ketuanan melayu or becoming good multiracial citizen...but for me,im a product of SBP, and my education were multiracial..i respect the other race,and i hate the racial driven economy..


Anonymous said...

what a shallow minded!~

adam lutfie said...


I have to disagree with the article, but not entirely. Living the entire high school years under the privilege of MARA, 3 years in Terendak and 2 years in Jasin/Tun Ghaffar Baba. I could not recall any specialized/designated programme nurturing us students towards any ethnic centrism. The programme was designed to focus on development of English language, scientific skills, and entrepreneurship. The programme however, will be effective if the students were proactive and keen. I could not recall of student parrot teacher etc, if you are keen to learn and have the courage to seek knowledge, go find your teacher. simple as that because we don't have expensive tuition classes, just hardworking teaching staff dedicated at student's excellence.
A very interesting case with MRSM Jasin/Tun Ghaffar Baba - in 2004-2005 there were at most 30% enrolment of non-bumiputra students. It was a huge impact. Very positive impact on the learning culture especially in regard of competitive level and social development. Evidently we scored 1st in the national SPM score index, next to KYS but considering the number of candidates of the school which was 450+, it was amazing. In my observation, there was no ethnic boundary among students and teachers, whoever seek the knowledge will earn it.
However I am not sure of the case now, or in other MRSM. But why is Dr. Azly specifically mentioning MRSM, not the SBP and elite boarding schools where non-bumiputra had never set foot upon??

Anonymous said...

Assalaamualaikum kepada penulis....
Saya hanya bekerja sebagai seorang kerani di Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi MARA. Di pusat ini ada pelajar lepasan MRSM yg menyambung di peringkat diploma. Jumlah mereka ada dalam 50 orang.

Dari pengamatan saya, kehadiran pelajar2 mrsm ini telah mengubah landskap pembelajaran pelajar2 yg bukan datgnya dari aliran mrsm. Pelajar2 mrsm ini membawa budaya mereka semasa belajar di mrsm spt group study,gaya belajar,sedia membantu,independent,gaya berpakaian,disiplin diri. Mereka2 ini dijadikan role model dan mereka telah mempengaruhi pelajar2 lain yg agak ketinggalan dalam pelajaran,ini disebabkan hasil dari program homeroom dan mentor-mentee yg dilaksanakan di mrsm. Hasilnya,pelajar2 yg dibantu oleh plajar2 mrsm ini telah MENINGKAT dari segi pencapaian cgpa serta disiplin diri. Jadi saya rasa sistem pembelajaran di mrsm adalah satu kejayaan dan perlu dipelihara hingga bila-bila.

Saya juga mencadangkan penulis memohon jawatan di mara dan menjadi think tank kepada institusi mrsm kerana anda mempunyai pandangan yg hebat dan anda kan ade phd dan dok kt usa...(tangan di dada mata pandang atas)

Anonymous said...

Dear dr azly.

I do proud to be 1 of mrsm student. Try to understand the anak kecil song

ex mrsm muar

Anonymous said...


Saya memang terkejut dengan pengamatan saudara (yang memang terbuktilah cukup hebat dari segi pentauliahan akademik setimpal dengan list of degrees, publications and taught courses seperti yang dinyatakan bersama dalam artikel ini) yang sangat cetek. Adakah dasar penulisan saudara ini mempunyai asas yang kukuh serta bukti2x kuantitatif yang mencerminkan kedudukan sebenar MRSM?

Saya baru baca setengah perengan terus merasakan bahawa penulisan ini 'is not worth my time'. Pandangan yang berat sebelah dan ada udang di sebalik batu. Ternyata masih lagi saudara masih belum dapat meyakinkan banyak lagi pembaca artikel ini. Cube lagi akan datang.


p/s x perlu jadi umno pun boleh masuk mrsm. i know many pr people also masuk skim ni. (i only bother with broken english becos this is a crap)

Anonymous said...

Resides in USA..culture shock letteww...thats why he can post this kind of rubbish.. ingt gak asal usul kito tu..


Anonymous said...

Agree. I'm proud to be one as well!

Ex MRSM YT Besut & MRSM Taiping

Anonymous said...

Oh so u said that MRSM make the students racist? How about SJK or Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina/Tamil? Not racist? How about Dong Zhou? Not racist? If u are Malay, u should know that we, the Malay were left behind by others. So MRSM is the solution to produce outstanding student from bumiputra. Sigh pity to you.. Rela tengok bangsa sendiri mundur..

Anonymous said...

Oh so u said that MRSM make the students racist? How about SJK or Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina/Tamil? Not racist? How about Dong Zhou? Not racist? If u are Malay, u should know that we, the Malay were left behind by others. So MRSM is the solution to produce outstanding student from bumiputra. Sigh pity to you.. Rela tengok bangsa sendiri mundur..

Anonymous said...

your individual opinion, can never represent each and every other student. Nor does it mean a majority of people can agree with you. No offense, but the type of people who would agree with you are a biased group of :-
non bumi's and Government school students

So many successful people has had a history in MRSM and so does any other type of school. One can never generalize an institution to be a failure, when a lot more other institutions produce failures anyways. A view should be fair, thus why put all the blame on MRSM?

Each person is different than another. Each choose to be a winner and a loser. If you want to be a loser, why blame MRSM? If you want to be racist, why blame MRSM? Heck, not all racist people come from MRSM.

Just what is your definition of failure Dr Azly? Are you a failure? Am I a failure?

-Pondan MRSM-

Anonymous said...

OMG you are soooo right !!, I was like OMG there is other people who are eating other people head or something out there!!! when I graduated from MRSM. Just kidding, I got the real cultural shock while reading your comment, and you taught in MRSM? Please do explain all this ketuanan courses because some people have short term memory about it (Must be the age or something, so sorry). It's true that during my time in MRSM, we are not exposed to other non-bumi students for majority of the time, but it is no different than while I was in the normal school (if you are outgoing and everything, it does not matter, a school did not defined you, and over time there is still big hope for these poor MRSM students to mingle with the strange creatures outside, believe me they will cope because they are so wonderfully intelligent like that :D). I love Malaysia before, now and after and I am equally proud of having many friends from different cultures, races and everything. Being isolated for 2 years in MRSM makes me appreciate of what I am right now and where I am right now. Many people are saying I turn out wonderfully today and I think many of my MRSM comrades have similar thought. I understand that some people are always saying bad things because they are not being benefited from the system or maybe due to some personal problem of theirs... I would not know. But for your information, I know some great individuals who are against your opinion, this article's opinion and whatever ideology that you guys believe in. Generally, MRSM is a good system but my sincere concern is who they pick as teachers for this wonderful school since lately it is becoming a serious problem :)

Anonymous said...

blind nationalism? anti-national? u said these words when u urself r residing in US instead of ur own country. I was in mrsm for 5 years n currently under MARA scholarship studying overseas. its true that mrsm has no or a small number of other races, but its not like we have no chinese or indian friends in other schools. as far as i know, mrsm put high importance in the english language also. they run many english programmes. one of the programmes that was done in my mrsm was each student will take turn to read an english article which is broadcast throughout the school. there was also "let's speak english" week and many other. for pmr and spm takers, they alotted each student into small study group with a facilitator chosen based on the cgpa. mrsm had also taught me to be more responsible and independent.

Anonymous said...

I am a product of mrsm taiping... azly is true... mrsm failed to produce dumb person like him

Anonymous said...

Dear Azly...
I won't call you doctor coz u don't deserve it. Mrsm is mend for for Malaysian including sarawakian and sabahan.. it was mend to develop talented students from rural area mostly. Only selected program choose students from urban area.

If you were in mrsm kuantan where ever la... can you give a proof such as Bitara.

Last but not least... you are a syok sendiri person.

Anonymous said...

"the forefathers of MRSM have adopted the American style" Btw, American school system especially High School is really bad. I was a high school student for a year in Florida, I've experienced it. Therefore, by adopting the American style in MRSM education system, you're saying MRSM education system is bad as well?

Anonymous said...

Jujurnya, product MRSM lebih bagus sbb sistemnya yg unik dan mampu berdaya saing di dunia realiti

Anonymous said...

This writer also wrote a book on the Allah issue. I wonder what he thinks of it and whether he is liberal type. Have you read his book. Maybe can understand his thinking better and we can get all MRSM people to read and comment? He wrote a chapter on MRSM too. http://gbgerakbudaya.com/bookshop/index.php?main_page=product_book_info&products_id=1825

Anonymous said...

Why are all of you angry with the writer? Is this how the Malays or the MRSM students respond to an opinion? In MRSM, Didn't they teach you how to argue in a systematic way and not like those politicians in Parliament?

Anonymous said...

One question: aren't you all in MRSM ashamed that there are only a few non-Malay students and teachers in your school when the rest of Malaysia has people of different cultures? What can you learn from only your own race -- from Ketuanan Melayu only ? The writer is suggesting a good thing, i.e to open up MRSM to 50% of students from other races, because MRSM is a good system and can be used to help with national unity. Why not agree and support his view? Why be angry and use arguments that we cannot understand?

jaha said...


Anonymous said...

excuse me...
well you see..
your post is something that we call "ungrateful people crap"
have you seen MRSM achievement for this past 5 year??
if you don't..
no need to say untruth stories like this...
just apologies to everyone for your sentimental post..

Anonymous said...

http://azlyrahman-illuminations.blogspot.com-----what is ILLUMINATION actually means? Illuminati? Freemason concept? Mind Control?

Anonymous said...

From: lao kor

Dr.'s view very far-sighted and beneficial for the future of multiracial Malaysia. MRSM has in the past successfully played its part in educating Malay students although those benefited are mostly from higher income group and high ranking leaders' family. It is time for MRSM to turn into education center for poor students from all races. Only by doing so can MRSM earn high respect from within and without the country.

Anonymous said...

A statement with a hidden agenda behind it. You should aware of several other senarios as well
1) how many chinese schools with their pupils enrolling in educational system which is totally neglecting the Malaysian standard educational system as practised in main stream primary and secondary schools. And guess what though they are living in this country they are unable to communicate in Malay?
2) do you aware that there are several companies though they are not chinese based companies but dominated by chinese putting a condition for new staff appointment the position must be a chinese (because they are aware that Malays started to know mandarin better & Malays are sending their children to learn mandarin in chinese schools)
3) are you aware that most chinese schools are supported and sponsored by big companies and associations if without the assistance from the goverment thay still can live and operate without any hassle?
And many2 other issues and scenarios.......
Tell me what patriotism it is if language of the nation is neglected and tell me what equality and merit it is if the position is based on race.
In a nutshell, every single race has its own mechanism in maintaining its sustainability and continuity. So is there any wrong if we practice ours?

zim said...

ini pendapat melayu liberal, buang saja dlm tong sampah

Anonymous said...

Ummi Abdullah via Azly Rahman
Jujurnya, saya juga bersetuju dengan pendapat bahawa 'MRSM schools a successful failure'. Walaupun pelajar tinggal di-asrama dan diberi segala bentuk facility di MRSM, kenapa masih ramai pelajar MRSM yang hanya layak meneruskan pengajian di peringkat diploma dan bukannya Ijazah Sarjana Muda selepas SPM? Kenapa masih ramai bekas pelajar MRSM akhirnya berkerja 'biasa-biasa' sahaja? Kalau setakat itu sahaja pencapaiannya, baik duk di sekolah kampung sahaja, malah pelajar dari sekolah harian ramai yang lebih berjaya dari pelajar MRSM. Cikgu-cikgu MRSM kerana ambil perhatian isu ini. Dimana silapnya? Kerajaan meletakkan peruntukkan yg besar kepada MRSM, tetapi dimana hasilnya? Maaf kerana memberikan pendapat yang 'pedas'. Ampun ya...

Anonymous said...

There are non-Malays who are MRSM alums. First and foremost MRSM is not just for Malays, it is for the Bumiputera and as such, there are non-Malay bumiputeras therefore there are Iban, Bidayuh, Kadazan etc who are MRSM alum. Before the completion of MRSM Kuching (the first in Borneo) and MRSM Kota Kinabalu, the non-Malay students were sponsored by MARA for everything, flight tickets included. Second, although less than 5%, there were non-Bumiputera alums before 2003 batches. After 2003, there is a a 10-15% quota for non-Bumiputera students to be in MRSM. However, out of the 15% students who enters, only about 40% stays. Not necessarily due to 'Ketuanan Kursus' (which Dr Azly, if you read this, is definitely outdated. There is no such course for at least fifteen years which is how long I have been involved with the system)...but due to lifestyle. Non-Malay students are not used to eating, studying, playing games etc according to the schedule...those who stayed with the system I find are mostly rural, poor, dont-go-for-piano/violin-lessons every week non-Bumis whose lifestyle is like any other rural, poor people in Malaysia who sees being selected to further their studies in MRSM as an opportunity to elevate their family social and economic status. To say that MRSM 'churns' students of no quality is not right, take a look at the parliament and Undangan Negeri seats, see how many, be it on the Government or Opposition side are former MRSM alums - okay, maybe politicians are not good example, they are the lowest of the low anyway. Go to a hospital, conduct a headcount.

Anonymous said...

I am young..baru setahun jagung. And I'm not that experienced to argue with all those things that you claimed in the article.
But, if you have ever done a poll with MRSM students, i can assure you at least 90% of us will say MRSM's experiences are something that is very useful in our university life. bila pelajar lain baru mula nak berjinak dengan pointer systems, assignments, carry marks, researches, I AM GLAD I'M FROM MRSM because saya x perlu nak jakun sangat.. leadership, group work, soft skills, keusahawanan..semua ni have been taught dari form 1 lagi.. yes, MRSM do has flaws. of course it does. but please..as much as I am biased with my thinking and opinion, at least I am seeing things in a positive way.

Anonymous said...

I spent my whole secondary school life in MRSM (Pontian and Jasin), and I never had any of those "ketuanan melayu" talks. So this article makes me feel, am I missing something? Really, never had any of those. Perhaps Im lucky that the MRSM I attended are not like that? Talking about preparing the students to live in multicultural societies,one of my best friends in MRSM Pontian was a Sikh, and we are still friends even after years apart as I'm studying Medicine abroad. Talking about studying abroad, I haven't experienced "cultural shock". I mean, ever. I'm currently studying in a world renowned university in Australia and I don't have any single Malay in my batch, but yet I have close friends, both locals and Malaysians. If MRSMs have turned into what you're claiming, I would say this is very very sad and disappointing. Being in MRSM was one of the sweetest and the best days of my life, I would not be a able to find such dedicated teachers and great experience in my life.

Anonymous said...

Bajet bajet do kau.

Anonymous said...

Saudari, dalam dunia ini, kita tidak boleh mengharapkan sesebuah kejayaan besar tidak ada sebarang kegagalan. Pendek kata, setiap matlamat pasti ada pro dan kontra. Memang ada ex mrsm ada yang tidak begitu menonjol, tetapi jumlahnya begitu sedikit jika nak dibandingkan dengan yang begitu berjaya. Jadi usah dipertikaikan kewajaran kerajaan memberi peruntukan kepada mrsm, kerana ia sememangnya wajar. Ingatlah saudari,sebelum tunding satu jari ke arah kesilapan orang lain, terdapat empat lagi jari menunding kembali ke arah empunya diri.

MRSM Beseri said...

The writer has hidden agenda...

Anonymous said...

Ketuanan Melayu will always be relevant Aidil. I'm studying in the UK at the moment, and has travelled to many parts of the world. I can say that each tribe is proud of their land, their values, their mother tongue language, their tradition. Each tribe and race belongs to their respective land, Arab people are proud to say they are from Arab land, Caucasian people are happy to say they are from Anglo-Saxon countries, black people know they are from Africa, Indian people are proud of the prosperity of their land called India, Chinese people know they belong to a great piece of land called China, and Malay, we should be happy to say that we came from this part of the world called Nusantara, or now known as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kampuchea. I am not being racist or peddling hate. We can all cherish the beautiful and diverse cultures we have in Malaysia, but let's not forget that this piece of land is the only place we can call our home. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit article... that's all i must say to you...

Have a Break! said...

I'm a product of MRSM (1981-1985). Granted, all those BTN sessions did take place. So did the 'indoctrination' by SOME principals, SOME of the times. But by indirectly claiming the students were sold, hook, line, and sinker you are assuming the students were mere robots with no capacity to think on their own. Even as a 16- or 17-year old, I was as critical of those who tried to control others' mind as I am now. I can still recall at least three or four teachers who thought us to be critical of the powers-that-be in the country at that time. To answer your pseudo-question, "Or are they merely training and indoctrinating grounds to prop up yet another breed of leaders that will sustain the culture of blind following neo-feudalism of Ketuanan Melayu that itself is a dying specie?", I can tell you that, today, a good half of my graduating class of 1985 are critical of the government policies. Heck, I--personally--believe there is no such thing as Ketuanan Melayu today; not when Malay boys are still working as despatchers for Chinese towkays, having to to do all-and-sundry at the bosses' whims and fancies; not when inherited Malay family lands are transferred illegally to Chinese highest-bidders through the work of Malays in the land office.

I digressed. At any rate, I can only say your article is a result of one-eyed view of the world--the world as YOU see it. Some of what you wrote are true--they warrant attention. But some conclusions you made were way off-target. All effects must have causes, but not all causes have the (intended) effects.

Rumaizah Abu Bakar said...

Salam, Dr Azly,
You were my Scientific Thinking lecturer and AIESEC advisor in UUM (1990-1996). It has been ages but 'out-of-the-box' still comes to mind whenever I hear your name.

I personally think that one should separate between material contribution and intangible long-term effect while evaluating the overall MRSM system. MRSM has raised the financial status of many poor students & given them a better life, not doubt about that and it should also be acknowledged. The main point of the article seems to be the indoctrination; many of my MRSM mates and I have never denied the fact that we were systematically brainwashed, from form 1 to 5. How many of us actually turned out alright these days, I wonder.

To me, racial awareness is important to break the mould where necessary and aim high, but not to be used as an excuse for each issue & weakness. We need to be made aware of the Malays' 'shortcomings' in order for us to grow up and not fall into the same trap; and I would like to think that I have not, due to upbringing and wide interaction more than anything. But if those 'aggressive awareness sessions' make MRSMers more narrow minded & limit them to racial concerns only or make them racist, then you have a valid point.

Dr Azly, I strongly suggest that you conduct an academic research on this topic and interview former MRSM students. There may be some variations over the period of 30 years, between when MRSM was niche to when it became mass. Thank you in advance for considering.

~Rumaizah Abu Bakar, SPM89, MRSM Balik Pulau~

Anonymous said...

You know, i think it okay for new generation to be expose about politics in school because one day, one day, when the old one retire. the new generation will take over the adminstration.

Anonymous said...

What no non bumi students in mrsm? I was mrsm beseri 93-94. Had 25 other classmates. 3 of them r chinese. 2 become o&g engineers. 1 in top mgmt logictic company. Im an architect now. We r the "failed & racist" products?

Anonymous said...

whoah ! if you wanna be with the KESAMARATAAN IDEOLOGY, then why not make it total, open the MRSM to other races and abolished the Sekolah Jenis Cina and Tamil coz these schools pon will prepare them to be homo-race jugak, susah kalau belajar tinggi-tinggi tapi nak jadi hamba abdi, pak turut, keldai bagi bangsa lain. memang Islam kata not be discriminate with others, but how if the action tu eventually makes at the end, Islam in this country falls down? ini bodohnya orang, aku budak2 setahun jagung pun tahu nak fikir pasal agama, bangsa dan negara. and Im product of MRSM BALIK PULAU< SPM2012

Anonymous said...

satu je nak cakap..statement bodoh...bajek bagus..puiiii

Anonymous said...

Your 2011 article was excellent; certainly you created a great deal of enthusiastic responses; but I cannot help but notice the vehement oppositions to your views are from many of those who went through the "Mara system" of education wherein the majority of the students are Bumiputeras, including Malays, and they happen to be not as "successful" -or as aggressive or competitive- as you are in their respective careers. Many years ago, I happened to have the privilege of teaching at Mara College in PJ and later also at ITM Shah Alam and I found many of the students there then, were not competitive because mainly they were not confident of themselves. They need those exclusive institutions to give them the education which they could assimilate at their own paces. The years that I taught at Mara there was not a single non-Bumi in the classes I taught. In my opinion, among themselves these Bumiputera students did not strive for excellence in their studies. Because I was of almost the same age as most of my students then, I was able to socialise with many of my students - including dating a couple of them. What I found was that their entire attitude to learning was different from mine. I went to school and graduated from universities at a time when there was no Mara yet. My time Malay students were in the minorities be it in the schools where I studied as well at the universities I attended overseas. I had to compete initially to win favours from parents and teachers, but later I enjoyed being on the to three positions in all of my class examinations. The lowest position in my class tests and exams i ever got was third in classes of 30 - 35 students, majority of whom were Chinese with some Indians. Most of the time I was either second if not first in terms of scoring marks. I had no coaching or tuition and my parents were dirt poor growing rice and tapping rubber for a living. I too had to help them during school holidays. So I was motivated to get out of the shekels of poverty, do well in exams and go grab a degree that hopefully would secure me a decent job that would provide me for a comfortable living. The point I am narrating all of these is that while I was motivated to study hard and do well, my circumstances was created by the fact that the majority of my classmates were Chinese and Indians many of them from middle if not upper class homes; and they were hard working and clever. ( Most of my school classmates later turned out to be Accountants, Architects, Doctors, Engineers and Lawyers, one was a Valuer) So I had no choice but to compete and to my surprise my hard work can beat even the best brain non- Malays. All the way it was competition, including getting prestigious (Colombo Plan) scholarship to study abroad and getting good degrees. As a teacher at the college and institute, where the students were only Bumiputeras I was dumbfounded by the lack of competitive spirit in their studies and the total absence of strive for excellence. ( the standard reply to my quarries was: I just want to go for a "pass" Sir.) In my opinion then, if only they have Chinese and Indians studying besides them, these Bumis would be forced to compete and attain excellence. We were lucky as we did not have to sing silly songs nor had indoctrination to be nationalistics...at least not in my classes of Accountancy and Economics at Mara College and ITM. I left my teaching job for a more exciting work in the corporate sector...but Mara during my time did produce some professionals with leadership qualities and capabilities, but still, I do believe Mara would and could have done a lot better with Chinese and Indian student intake. Simply because in my view and from my personal experience it is good to compete, and some Chinese and Indian students in Mara institutions will promote the competitive spirit in the Bumiputeras...it will also give them a sense of reality that life and success out there in the business world is all about being competitive.

Anonymous said...

Here's the prospective of the Non-Malay side to [the above] assessment : When I was young I was told by almost everybody that I came in contact with that the only way out was education, and your family is counting on you to succeed. Non-Malay parents drum the value of education into their children's heads because they know that as a Non-Malay there will not be any scholarships available, no government jobs to look forward too, no safety net, no hand outs, no nothing. Parents are willing to sacrifice, and make sure their kids pick professions, like lawyer, doctor, engineer, etc. They also tell us that if you fail you'll be a JKR laborer, or a chendol seller. That is why so many non-Malay kids excel in school: fear, intimidation, pride/honor and hard work.

Anonymous said...

Salam sejahtera En, Azri, Yang menentukan kegagalan itu adalah datang dari diri sendiri. Ramai pelajar mrsm yg berjaya. Kamu pun berjaya. Kalau nak rasa belajar di MRSM lagi, mohon start balik belajar form 1. Jadah statement, Macam tak pakai otak. Even kamu itu bertaraf ph.D, aku xhormat kamu. Don't show your stupidity in this cyber world or you will be trolled.

"Golongon paranoid mengatakan anda geng illuminati" haha

Anonymous said...

ANSARA '90 says: those of you don't like the writer's good proposal: why? isn't it good for the malays, in the long run? isn't it also good to have more and more non-Malays in mrsm so that here will be competition and collaboration and they can be good friends and learn from each other? what's the fear? can't we all get along and share the wealth? muafakat membawa berkat, kata orang melayu dulu dulu. cadangan baik itu satu kerja ibadat.

Anonymous said...

this writer talking shit. I've been studied in MJSC's system for five years. We haven't been taught about ketuanan melayu. We just have been reminded to proud and take care of our pride as a Malay. I think u wrote all these posts because of hidden agenda. MJSC have produced a lot of well-educated and intelligent products. And those who not success, it was not the MJSC system's fault. It was their own fault as not been gratefull to be in MJSC's system. I'm proud to be MJSC Kuala Klawang and MJSC Muadzam Shah student.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey u.. don't talk shit about mrsm..

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. If orang Melayu still nak duduk dalam comfort zone believing that they have the chance, ada hak ketuanan semua. Bila nak maju? We need competition. Orang Melayu perlu tahu dunia ini untuk orang yang berusaha. Bukan orang yang layu. Let the best man win kan? If you ada capability, you'll get it. Meritocracy dude. There are non-Malays but there are still quotas. I am Malay and I attend schools okay. I learnt history so what is the point? Bukan nak open up your mind ke apa sangat but seriously lah, I thought we were supposed to be united? on

Anonymous said...

Adopting doesnt translate into carbon-copying. MRSM took in the good values and education principles from the State, into Malaysian very own curriculum and syllabus, to create their very own system. Both my parents are few of the earliest MRSM students (pioner batch in their respective MRSMs), and they can concord this

Anonymous said...

Bull's eye? More like Bullshit. Sorry. There's no such things as kursus ketuanan as part of MRSM's syllabus. I was an MRSM student for 5 years in two different MRSMs and never once we had such a course. And my father was a principal of an MRSM, and never once he enforced his students of malay-centric ideology (although he possess very strong Malay characters and values). If thats what happened in ur MRSM, then the problem lies within the teachers and you yourself - for not speaking against such act/comments.

Anonymous said...

Yes we want more successful failures ..please build more MRSM and UITM give more chances for more enrollments into these Great Institution ..Yes I'm ex-MRSM Seremban the very first MRSM that started the ball rolling ..and yes I'm a racist if standing up for my fellow Malays students is considered racist ..there is a current trend nowadays to make standing up for Malay rights as racist ..

Anonymous said...

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